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Diabetic man ended up with this situation after repeated injections of insulin into lower abdomen

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90 points

The cake decorator was Russian...

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107 points

Man Gets Pranked Badly While Checking His Friends Muffler


My mother in 1988 dangling her legs off the edge of Half Dome, Yosemite.

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Eastern time zone perfection

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Eyeball Lollipops

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54 points

Biggest troll in mankind history

21 points

Mining the new currency before it becomes the new currency.

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38 points

my coaster at dinner last night

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80 points

Baby Arctic Fox Steals Man's Fish


Getting to Cabane de Bertol in ski boots was fun

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Jacqueline Jossa

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99 points

Only 2%

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86 points

Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Frozen, had to be Elsa for Halloween, because her daughter made her do it.

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113 points

Life imitating art

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Kay Davies

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66 points

I was bored during a wedding, so I organized the cans.

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102 points

12 prank ideas

75 points

very funny pranks gone wrong watch to find out what has happened

16 points

Try Not To Laugh or Grin

166 points

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