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SQUARK!! Good morning to you too!!

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Caught the instant these kids popped a bubble on my old film camera when I visited Barcelona last year

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This sticker...

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Singosari Temple, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Go look around, ill give you guys free guide if u stop by :)

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Corinth Canal, Greece

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A warm day in Oymyakon, Russia

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Rocks perched on eroded pillars of dirt in the Italian Alps

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One potter is seen taking a fresh pot out of the kiln and handing it over to his partner.

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The Hungarian Parliament Building. worth getting yelled at by the construction site security to get this shot

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Budapest - chicks n'architecture!

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Look what I found in Vienna

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On the right is the Prague astronomical clock, installed in 1410. It is the world's oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

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I took a photo during my regular 5am walk of shame back home

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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle

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Some shots I got in Venezia. what do you guys think? :)

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Kazan, Russia

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Traditional Fishing in Xing Ping in China during a scenic sunset - thought you might like it!

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By far my favorite photo I've taken of the Golden Gate bridge.

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It's time again to think about what America stands for.

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Move over kids, I'll show you know it's done

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