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Fort Boyard. For those who loved the show.

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The floor area at Masjid an-Nabawi, Mecca

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Why pay more for Maldive when you can pay less for the same experience in Romania

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Sagrada Família Roman Catholic Church, Barcelona, Spain

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Country Facts Series : Romania (Part II)

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Great Spot

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To the guy who posted Japanese Temple. I raise you this. Kailash Temple, cut from single mountain.

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Blue Whale skeleton hanging in the National History Museum

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Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


I wonder who would waste their lives building that...

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8 points

Advertisement done right

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This stunning Madrid architecture shows the depth of Spain's rich history. And it's a Steak N Shake.

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Haven't been home for a couple of years - what a sight!

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Guy Goes On An "Exchange Trip" Around The World And Swaps Items From Culture To Culture

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Milan, Italy.

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Please take me there...(a village with no roads)

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The Greatest Chick Yodeler From Japan Is Here To Save People From Danger In Year Of The Rooster

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Late morning, early afternoon - Mykonos Island, Greece

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Ship going through the Corinth canal

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