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me when i shave

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77 points

They put my friend’s service dog in the yearbook

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95 points

Kid from a local elementary school were asked to bake assorted cookies, put them in a bag, and write something to the firefighters at the nearby firehouse on the bag...

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100 points

My skin's growing reaction to poison ivy

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85 points

My childhood And i am looking funny.

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93 points

Girlfriend took a pregnancy test and sent me this...

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84 points

This hurts!!

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67 points

Upvote cate

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80 points

Just trying to study

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My sister as an 18" talking Hannibal lecter doll on a shelf beneath "a history of cannibalism" on display in her kitchen.

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90 points

My buddy’s toenail.

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69 points

Teaching your kids how to swim... Towards Heaven

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108 points

Well, that was unexpected

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122 points

It is about to get real.

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15 points

One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century

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106 points

The bottom one is my wife.....

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151 points

Me beautiful

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Tyrannosaurus Cat

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