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Oh god

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Tarantula tea party!

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She's gonna catch 'em all

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16 points

Apparently our cat thought this was a real doughnut

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Yesterday my son turned 4. I have passed the master builder torch on to him now. I have him my bin full of Lego I had started 25 years ago.

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20 points

Send him to hogwarts

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There will always be more!

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I was trying to look up the movie War Pigs but got a typo, I was not disappointed.

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What are we?

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Wtf you lookin at, punk

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The removal of the swing's seat really changed the tone of the Teddy Bears' Picnic

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Let's Party (by Humon)

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Damn you pearl

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16 points

Who's a good boy ?

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68 points

Captain Australia

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75 points

Everyday we stray further from God!

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12 points

If cute cartoon characters were monsters by Dennis Carlsson

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9 points

When you try to mix memes, but it goes wrong.

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