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Pitbull puppies for sale

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68 points

Pitbull puppies for sale

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75 points

When you don't know the answer to a question but refuse to leave it blank

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58 points

We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

Preview 1727f1db 06d4 4e5d 9f4b ff8b671c4393
39 points

Time to move out...

Preview 05c28a21 3c7a 4008 99e1 de1bfaa3ba8b
16 points

Oh you're playing? Well... I'm tired, let me just... Purrfect.

Preview 5147b750 0ab8 42c1 ac22 ce3c4939715c

i think her mirror is broken...

Preview ef604314 bb1a 4817 a428 2213489c59de
62 points

How to get on Santa’s naughty list

Preview 72b4cead 8757 4df7 8a88 66ba731cc417

After the emoji movie

Preview 0768919d 6594 40e0 810e cee473c9a09e
42 points

Better start early

Preview 2a2b30f9 9a19 4556 a52e 24cde815738e
20 points

Sernerk the hargeherg

Preview ba37cdce c4e4 4210 b3db fdd4faf540a0
18 points

New hi-score

Preview 138ef862 5282 4cea a894 7d1c11a9699e
20 points

Thanks for noticing

Preview 24fdf1e8 93ab 42a2 aa3a fcd648b1c597
13 points

Little sister paused at just the right time

Preview 2548aa8b 36a6 4af9 baac 8555a8df4ed7

Yorkie steals toy from baby


This toy dog shits, then kids feed the shit to him

Preview 51dcf841 aa82 4f13 867b d6315c3bf844
19 points

why you shouldn't anthropomorphize your food

Preview 19959b3a de02 4e56 828f adfa73681ebf
86 points


Preview 9f4b5797 8f36 4778 8a02 762f553d244e
75 points


Preview 82a13cc2 bde0 4df0 8441 7438303ac171
102 points

So true it stings a lil

Preview 003f3f93 fd07 4649 a8ff 07a060f91e46
17 points

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