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Please Stop

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My suspicious cheeto turns 6 today.

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83 points

Don’t even ask !!!

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Women confuse me. My girlfriend sent me out for groceries, and like any rational person, I thought that meant go get hats for the dogs. Turns out she was hungry.

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80 points

Little dog wouldn't move over

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My dog found a piglet's head in a bush while we were on a walk

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i know you were trying to sleep but

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“I claim this as mine!” said Doggo

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Preview d55b2c65 f02a 4a3a a704 d40b94a14e3f

Ahahahahaha :"D

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Dude, chill! It wasn't me, i swear!

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Trying to be a bad boye

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21 points

Well, the more you know I guess

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What did he say to his barber?

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111 points

Banana for scale

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60 points

Describe your post....

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A random dog ran up to me while I was walking home so I pet him...This is the face he made

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60 points

My is girlfriend's little brother took a picture of their family dog at just the right time.

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112 points

Scooob where are you?

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