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Very accurate!

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123 points

Atleast Fred Flintstone made it in to work this morning

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98 points

Someone making a statement in my neighborhood

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104 points

Ever take your train off any sweet jumps?

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132 points

Mannequins year-round outside this house

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106 points

No time to waste

Preview cc549dfc eba8 45de b6cf 19266114c18b
110 points

Road collapse in Texas reveals awesome natural cave

Preview 658e819b d484 4b3e bb7c 412483ecd0fe
130 points

Aerial shot of Sunday's Amtrak crash

Preview 78057e2f 725f 4710 ba6a e22dbde55e50
104 points

Unethical business practice! An ad by funeral service that wants you to jump in front of a train.

Preview 533b8440 e43e 40fc 913c 65ef3f57645f
125 points

Breath analysis in Nepal

Preview c12c3b09 30fb 4a7e 8420 d8460d4e68c0
90 points

Great pic

Preview 0f017049 8bf1 46ec 8846 4d085649e978
64 points

GOT THE JOB! Gonna be a Conductor in Jasper Alberta!!!

Preview b25f75b0 acbd 45fc bcf1 85538dd1e149
75 points

Green / Yellow

Preview 1dc434d7 d1f7 42a7 9fcb 3339d042859f
35 points

Sunset reflecting off the rails

Preview 100a96fb cf85 47d8 be07 c0df2a89d421
88 points

Birb flew right into frame as I was taking a live shot...

Preview f313ec4f 3646 4a02 bc47 e0d885459c41

The Grand Tour: Banked Track


Swedish television channel decided to protect the identity of a seagull that was saved from the subway

Preview ae621d16 84a3 490d a4d9 a2afdc533c9a
287 points

Meanwhile in Thailand

Preview 76c28858 61c9 490f a3ad 2f48ea61e5cd
68 points

Abandoned railway in Australia

Preview 750da03a 25a6 47dc 8892 5c042fcff271
123 points

Street art

Preview 11eaeec9 b053 4bfa 8928 763230972ac0
102 points

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