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Just going for a quick drive in the Antarctic

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I really hope they let us choose this......

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132 points

Someone call The Hauge

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130 points

God has a sense of humor at least

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128 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

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126 points

Roses are red, butter is creamy,

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110 points

My kind of future.

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115 points

Blowing out eaves trough before winter hits


The most redneck wedding in southern history.

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180 points

When your horse trailer has a flat. As seen in Ohio

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70 points

Russia survival vehicle

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94 points

How to hide a cellphone tower in Arizona.

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97 points

Mother protecting it's baby.

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101 points

What happens when you hit a can of starting fluid with a lawn mower.

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93 points

If it is stupid but it work it ain't stupid

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405 points

Bulldozer up shit creek in our field

Preview 005ddbb6 36cb 4292 b859 4f9034313ef0
232 points

Yes, he survived

Preview 0aa3b34e 2594 480b b8ba 8c53bdc658ae
107 points

I suppose that's one way to do it

Preview 381776cc 7740 4246 b7bd cd97ac7dc3ef
155 points

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