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Penthouse in Miami, Florida.

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19 points

4 out of 5 kids enjoy sack races.

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22 points

Modern playroom in the château of Rochefort near Paris, France.

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18 points

Plenty of windows through this house, located in Chosica, Peru

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17 points

How? Also, Why?

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19 points

Open living space with panoramic views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in Tiburon, CA.

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20 points

Passive house in Vermont

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18 points

Apartment in Punta Mita, México

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14 points

A bit of mid-century modern flair in this living room, located in Mexico

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72 points

Exquisite contemporary waterfront home with dramatic coastal views in West Vancouver, Canada

Preview 863869b6 1212 49a6 a79f ddfe0771bad8
11 points

Massive open concept living space

Preview e6649191 7e9a 4e38 b5a0 03ab607630fe
19 points

Riad Idra in Marrakech

Preview 22648862 e8cc 4252 822d 0b8283b6dc26
74 points

Cozy and colourful Finnish retro home

Preview 535563a6 bbfe 4e9c ae4c f1b3a2db7e64
15 points

The greeter at my local Wal Mart. I can't explain.

Preview fe3ab2a3 d73d 4902 8515 4225ee62699f
78 points

Narrow Living Room

Preview 623c8b7c 97be 419e bc10 a9c9606cc03e
10 points

Bright and spacious dining area and living room by the Pacific Ocean in Los Cabos, Mexico

Preview f4ebea41 0ece 4f1b aa50 038168807abe
20 points

House goals

Preview d7f108b3 47f0 417d ad95 0c11dcaacb49
12 points

Contemporary living/kitchen in Stockholm

Preview 88efdc27 6bfc 4d6e a7e4 f0ae893291c7
14 points

Bathroom Goals

Preview 04baccd0 e6b3 43fb b0c8 daeacb4141c0
15 points

Factory Loft in Downtown Los Angeles

Preview dbc5b9cb dfd5 495c a773 3b443c40258b
14 points

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