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I didn’t know this even existed.

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64 points

I make custom teapots. This one sold 5 minutes after it was done. :)

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Kinkaku-Ji Shrine in Japan

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64 points

This is why I have trust issues

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63 points

Send noots

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128 points

Egg and gge

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97 points

I had this joke in my head all day and just had to get it out, I’m sorry.

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135 points

Cookie Logic

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46 points

Hump Nails

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107 points

Camel Gets a Hair Cut!

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81 points

Crystals growing on a skull

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46 points

You can only call them "doughnuts" if they come from the Doughnut region of France

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127 points

Swiss who?

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17 points

Never nuke a country twice...

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513 points

Gandalf the gay

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48 points

This house is a result of what happens when you have too much time and money. The Dr. Seuss house in Talkeetna, Alaska.

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127 points

Fipronil egg scandal

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Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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How do you slice it?!!

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