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You shall not pass!

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Never a dull moment at work.

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24 points

I guess that's one option...

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16 points

True thugs know how to spell

Preview 874f401e 2d61 4cd0 9c4e 0a8fd4a948ad
24 points

I mean if it works...

Preview b1fbdd66 956e 43d5 8158 2e9e36c8cc81
24 points

Delightfully tacky, yet, unrefined. Perhaps helpful?

Preview 2ec2870e 3f37 4e2a 86c7 e74245993142
65 points

Sister posted this on Snapchat...

Preview 608efdf1 acdd 4333 991a 67623a2cc9f9
70 points

I'm halfway there myself buddy

Preview df824ba0 7df7 47c3 8deb 92c1b76cf1c2
20 points

This is how a normal day look like for me, Romania, fierfighter.

Preview c1b9885c b875 475d 8713 d5d838a25197

Spotted in the mall parking lot.

Preview fbbb5598 aca1 495e 99d9 747386fa5adc
21 points

Top gear.

Preview 3b5747d4 e4f6 4847 8844 7799d4d04ac5
54 points

A truck leaving the slaughterhouse spilled some of their cargo on my street. How offal.

Preview c5bc5b64 5786 4e00 9de4 056739ffaa52
57 points

Bodyshop? Nah, I'll just fix it with some old wood from the yard.

Preview 4943e5a3 7844 41a9 b53a 281c096e0452
17 points

Interior of a flooded Houston car

Preview 326ff1dd 9985 44f1 a593 cad9f1537d13
17 points

Life on the edge

Preview 23d86932 bd8c 4fe9 947c dfda62f323b5

The streets would look pretty again and they would sell way more of these.

Preview a453fbff da8e 4d0f b819 0bf0da8941b7
44 points

I'll have 6 soups please

Preview 9d0bffdc 4724 4fa4 81e8 56f4aca58390
16 points

Akiba at night, Tokyo

Preview 4eef3fac 59a3 466d be34 8b8aa8985f9b

Nailed it

Preview 976f8875 eb26 441c 89da f2513a0f0f25
20 points

Never a dull moment at work.

Preview 05db840c 790a 41a2 a78b 761c801c749a
17 points

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