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We live in Alaska. It was negative 6 degrees outside...

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76 points

Driver didn’t notice till he got to the fuel pump

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90 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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89 points

Quack Quack Quack

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Well this looks safe.

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57 points

This lady's insanely full car

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78 points

He must be getting pretty sick of it by now..

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70 points

Typical day in an Australian car park.

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51 points

Train station in Denmark..

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50 points

Train Over A Bridge

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A local restaurant takes parking seriously

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70 points

The shit you see driving around Washington D.C.

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19 points

How to spot a 90's kid!

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22 points

Started 2018 off with a “sign”....

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58 points

So I saw this, this country is very unfortunate, their people is very unhappy with their robotic lifestyle

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Photo of the year potential right here.

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57 points

The one photo in my collection that ALWAYS makes me laugh

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40 points

Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

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52 points

There’s no better way to go out

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