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My exes must have also been born on the highway.. because that’s where most accidents happen

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178 points

Now what?

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Aux battles in the car with funny ending!

20 points

Yeah some people think so

Preview d4d8c42d 17c2 41ce b0e3 082790b142d3
98 points

Wait.... what

Preview 927a1d6f 8ac0 4d6a 902c d6648d5b2889
106 points

Falling With Condoms in Public

68 points

Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto

Preview b9f1273d 5b57 48dd 988e 80953136a843
125 points

My 5 y.o. daughter pointed at this on our walk and said it was cool.

Preview 4f674554 192b 44f4 9e73 799cb813323c
120 points

How to kidnap Californians!

Preview 8e96f56e fa76 4d4c bcf5 8303af921d85
168 points

Best Fish Company Ever

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102 points

Thomas being taken hostage

Preview a44bb4d5 ccd5 42b5 bac2 3631d6982afd
78 points

Men in Black

94 points

Scene from Wednesday morning commute....

Preview e073a7c4 a60d 410d bd19 2893436d478b
147 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

Preview 21cfafbe 84ec 416e a2a5 65397318631d
98 points

Treat yo self

Preview a1f73e16 316e 45d6 9ab4 c5c0f4bb4d72
113 points

Where there is a will there is a way

Preview c57b3e79 ff83 493c 9256 8357e0c4844c

"Professional" towing service

Preview 1def236f 6a64 464e 93ee baf550208ff2
111 points

Just took this while entering Sidney, NE. Driver looked okay. Two State patrol on the scene.

Preview b787e175 9349 476f b772 7071bfded114
121 points

Well, I guess that's one way to do it

Preview 1742f5a9 fbe5 499f b6e4 9ccef0078b52
167 points

Couldn’t agree more

Preview 26c24be2 fe8e 4689 becf 5f56c0fbab46
122 points

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