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With the Superbowl next week let us not forget

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88 points

free trial 🤣

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79 points

Saw it, stole it, new text

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72 points

Me after The Last Jedi:

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69 points

Best friends forever

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101 points

Can I has my food please?

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Do not mess with a pissed off cat

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81 points

“I think I will just sit on this fluffy thing!”

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Star Wars is life, Star Wars is love

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Worlds most useless job

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72 points

Bringing sunny weather to you

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72 points

Maybe that's a job opportunity.

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41 points

Fredrick edward

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74 points

The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, she liked sea lions the best!

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36 points

Somebody be my friend please

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30 points

Joey is brilliant!

Preview 136805b3 4c92 4484 b9ef ce278aebf452

The north will always remember

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116 points

Time changes everything...

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144 points

Time changes everything...

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