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Always one

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94 points

Bizarre collection of artwork featuring giant mounds of poo goes on show

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62 points


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67 points

Ducks are dangerous

Preview 25acddb6 1b9c 4a1b 9486 a077d3de196e
87 points

"Anything is possible for God" - Dan Savage

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101 points


Preview 9608264c 5752 4838 a590 8969a5ab6112
102 points

How it really was

Preview b3e4292d aae4 460f 8100 e7a2b5b87d1a
79 points

With the Superbowl next week let us not forget

Preview dd2a2d1c 7346 4b34 97a1 097bf08032ba
109 points

free trial 🤣

Preview c6fa6f8e 8f10 43e2 bd94 1d2350528f7b
83 points

Out of nowhere, my dog decided today was the day he used the tiny ladder instead of the stairs to get out of the pool for some reason

Preview 59ba9779 5ef1 4675 82a5 bd74e6cfdfb0
112 points

Saw it, stole it, new text

Preview a7632f6b a813 49d1 85f1 2d3ff8c7cafd
77 points

Me after The Last Jedi:

Preview 6154a317 fa99 4239 94de 10ead6f8312a
72 points

Best friends forever

Preview f87e6814 aac6 4d3c b464 be33e822b1a7
106 points

Can I has my food please?

Preview 18b76d43 1178 470f b840 79f201d67bbe


Preview 8ee4ee8b 94ea 4674 a7f2 fb2f5cfea333

Do not mess with a pissed off cat

Preview b3820792 6d00 44b7 8ca9 f8849d86f0a1
86 points

“I think I will just sit on this fluffy thing!”

Preview 18a19fb5 3032 4fc6 af99 3862e5f2f576

Star Wars is life, Star Wars is love

Preview 980c08a0 6e86 4dac 8a1d 6c4689b824f9

Worlds most useless job

Preview 4f923a17 2cc1 4529 b004 a9803009bf6e
76 points

Bringing sunny weather to you

Preview e9a5583a 5d95 4965 b212 fe25d8010862
75 points

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