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The pan up that tower - no thanks! 50 metre high-dive.


Pretty sure this was his first time on a trampoline.

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the cat roket.!

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Trampoline whoops

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Oh my god!


Oktoberfest Stein-Carrying Contest

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The perfect girl doesn't exi.... Oh wait..

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The pandas lolled around on the stage in front of their adoring audience

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Sister falls down stairs

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It's "snowing" ash right now in Southern Oregon. Air quality is at 250, worse than the images you see of smog in most cities. Here's the roof of my car.

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backflipping a basketball


I surprised my brother with a car from a junk yard, and this happened!

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Kid Does Backflips In Walmart

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Trampoline Fitness Gone Wild


People's Moments Of Struggle Before Jumping Off The "Ten Meter Tower" Is Amusing To See

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I love this post.

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