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I really hope they let us choose this......

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38 points

Giant Googley Eyes. Best Purchase Ever.

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37 points

Like this guys style

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80 points

Too much? Nah fam

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57 points

Don't you hate it when people bump into you in a parking lot?

Preview c4ca9512 5f4a 415d 8647 d3db4511151b
74 points

I guess it is good camouflage.

Preview 51379495 4efd 44c2 8c73 d57fbde710fe
43 points

I parked next to Harrison Ford today!

Preview e18540d7 d4df 4403 b3f1 dbcc3bbfd58b
87 points

Don’t worry South Carolina, help is on the way!

Preview a24d9e42 9c62 41c8 9aff cab28423ca91
77 points

Tuning love

Preview 1b12bfaa d616 43b9 a3da 3ff37eeb60a2
119 points

When having pizza at the ready is most important ...

Preview b09bb4f9 3b4d 479e 967f 0490b0bc29cc
88 points

Someone call The Hauge

Preview c65f0db6 b1fc 491d 93c2 c67848c41bdc
84 points


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86 points

Just took this while entering Sidney, NE. Driver looked okay. Two State patrol on the scene.

Preview b787e175 9349 476f b772 7071bfded114
90 points

Momentary terror when I saw this in the car window. Took a while to turn around and see why...

Preview 36a94f6c 6dd1 490a b1d2 5e7b0d38c56c

My car on Christmas Eve a couple months ago

Preview a01f8a49 7d2e 4bb0 bee7 889c3fa558b4
68 points

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

Preview b0df2df0 9fd6 47cc 8c3d b53f90011a47
64 points

Load shifted when driver had to slam on brakes. He was almost to his final destination.

Preview fc665187 fdf9 413b b37e a6c2f7f98cbd
89 points

Awesome helmet

Preview 04b10c2b 1570 40cb 8630 63e187dd2eb8
22 points

Drove like that for about 2 miles so the other car couldn't pass

Preview 801fafdd 4140 4548 a8bc 969b7fa844d3
65 points

Those must be some damn good tamales.

Preview d65c367b f0c0 4a4b 924e 99562285b818
53 points

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