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Could you imagine a side impact wreck?

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Good question Marty.

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21 points

When you get your first car but you're still in middle school

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23 points

"Hi Reddit, I’m a big truck - "

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13 points

Didn't see this as a listed option on the window sticker

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15 points

What would you call that?

Preview 8dddc75f bb65 4f3b b456 2da4336b28fe
11 points

This belt buckle truck

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57 points

There are 2 kinds of people.

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56 points


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72 points

Saw this driving

Preview 3af23794 0889 4a4c a08d ff304a718f34
24 points

Have you ever been to Houston?

Preview 7e2588af e9c1 4f4c 8ca6 6c55101e48d7
24 points

Why....just why ruin your car?

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16 points

Then I think WTF!

Preview 3bbf10bf f493 4eb1 add2 485fee5d669b
17 points

Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

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100 points

Dutch police arrived after some residents noticed men with "weird masks" in a parking garage. Turned out it was Daft Punk doing a photoshoot.

Preview dfe2e8b9 5aa3 4337 b190 9ed4deb44a03
23 points

Spotted a blueish chrome GTR.

Preview 7f4c4fe1 6c38 483b 8c48 5208973e7c24
69 points

Mexicans in Texas be like

Preview 2cf18636 4fa0 463f b099 059be8732801
19 points

Meet my favourite coupe of all time.

Preview 27c81b76 a51b 4b27 b0dc e4f3910c3e51
19 points

A bit overloaded

Preview 3f54bbef 422a 49d6 945f b3da98546d53
19 points

Saw this guy on the way to work this morning. He’s in a ruff spot

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