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Plane v Van

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Took a photo of my mate's dog just as we drove out of a patch of shade, causing this weird red lighting effect

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Driver didn’t notice till he got to the fuel pump

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74 points

Coming in a little low....

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Only in finland

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It wouldn't be so scary if the beds didn't tilt back when he drove

Preview 1aa84159 9f3c 4de8 bde0 cd5b87ef4ace
46 points

There’s a grown ass man in my town that has an obsession with the Bible

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93 points

This is exactly why Darwin Awards exist

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23 points

The Excarcist

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My best friend and his crew have rescued over 100 in Texas. Pretty damn proud of this guy.

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24 points

I have so many questions

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Just a trailer full of potatos on I-10

Preview f483a088 ab3b 4207 b38d 5021a1554028
17 points

F**k the po... that ass!

Preview e57889cc cf0b 48d4 a896 a2edae97eae6
24 points

this guy gets it

Preview 1f05ea8b 44d8 4882 9d95 b4af9e0006df
22 points

From r/funny

Preview 27d4c450 f1b8 4dc7 9a63 4457fca3ab18

why does this exist

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23 points

This parking job.

Preview 9204fc9e 4f9c 471e a858 46c1e35a07e0
12 points

Instructions Were Unclear

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