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La migra wey!

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This bottle cap car

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4 points

Permaculture Everywhere

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10 points

Today, I saw a truck slam into a cliff head on at 80MPH.

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9 points

I don't know what's happening here, but must be some f**ked up supernatural shit

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13 points

Nanananananana Batmobile!

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7 points

That's how it works!

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12 points

A sign commemorating an elephant who died charging an oncoming train to defend his heard

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9 points

Capsule Corp.

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4 points

Camouflaged !!!

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6 points

I've seen some bumper stickers before, but this...

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10 points

Don't have a car trailer? No problem. Just throw it in the bed!

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4 points

Saw this today in Austria

Preview bc27bd7c 6425 402c 91eb 047e203e3bcf
10 points

He got a point tho

Preview d70d4b2c 5820 47e8 b860 55efdd318b27

Someone is big fan of "Taxi" movie (found in Poland)

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13 points

My local dairy queen everyone.

Preview 9cccb142 4be1 49b6 992a 9b3e205fdfb4
12 points

Spotted in local parking lot

Preview 2c730fe1 953d 493e aec4 32086ae38c39
12 points

The liquor store in my town.

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