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That sneaky mozerfoker

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194 points

How stressed out are you ?

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228 points

Please don't break the window!

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164 points

Made my day

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315 points

It's true

Preview 5d29ea71 2b0b 4b96 bc18 5a634cdf7680
182 points

It has begun

Preview ecf8e22b 9ffd 4f1a 91e2 7aa43bc15e89
151 points

The Shenzhen Airport is shaped like a plane

Preview eeb95695 ea42 47be b270 788176b19d3e
172 points

Never disappointed in Arizona

Preview 1df714bd 79d9 4660 b345 159e0f3b1390
245 points

Barbie dream what???

Preview cde239a6 e06b 43bc 8f6b bf46e971a352
205 points

Long live the empire

Preview 31a974cf 05c9 4643 84c3 b549049f87cf
317 points

When you live in Russia

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374 points

Probably relieved.

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224 points

Whoever did this gave me a heart attack

Preview 4ad7311e 4495 4a6d 800c bf3c679579a2
204 points

No time for questions get in the kurwamobile!

Preview 3ca85fcd 6f95 4a86 99ad 7a15101654fc
166 points


Preview eb2da749 036f 43f7 bec0 8fdc899968c4
147 points

People going crazy with their 1.000.000 dollar houses and I just want something like this

Preview c462af6e 7bbb 4c5d 8ef5 84085b032011
248 points

I think its time to buy a shotgun.

Preview d68d063e 9088 4cd4 87fa 057658c72abf
140 points

A google car and a bing car passed each other while recording

Preview 36608c6c 0cce 4f0a b3dd 82eb4c17e6e9
174 points

Doggo wants to know

Preview 77713098 09c1 4587 8605 0052be462363
208 points

Something is wrong here

Preview 562e5162 4162 4c60 ab68 46ba1d2eb561
200 points

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