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Houston today, hurricane harvey

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Took this yesterday fifteen minutes before landing in Vancouver - those aren't clouds

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Old mcBatman had a farm

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Oklahoma DOT is making threats

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Can't wait...

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This 8' shark in Connecticut

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With only 77 ever made, one of the rarest supercars in the world, the Aston Martin One-77

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Store uses U-Haul trucks to protect windows from Irma

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Well that's one way to keep your ride smelling earthy.

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Tank outside office window parked on freeway.

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Hardcore drifting

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Passive aggressive hurse

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So the traffic was kinda busy and...

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True my dude.

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Uploading a tank every day #24: Tiger (P) (Germany)

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These two posts below each other

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When the rest of the team feeds.

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Sometimes a bumper sticker just isn't crazy enough.

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Houston flooding

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