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Something shady is going on around here🔪🔪

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11 points

Broken down bus near Pinhook Gap, NC, USA

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23 points

Politics un nutshell

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23 points

IRMA, what a bitch!

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16 points

Found this 'Sin Bin' next to a creepy flat with no windows. Any explainations?

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19 points

2 Prank Calls


Portal in to the better life

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1 points


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Water bottle prank gone wrong


After finishing dishes take out the...


Los Angeles Migration


That could've been much worse

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13 points

Raccoons raiding my trash last night


Avry unclean Car,

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155 points

Be like Sweden

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131 points

Japanese man found dead under his 6 ton pile of porn mags. WTF?

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153 points

Supreme japanese technology

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410 points

What happens the day after drinking and eating White Castle...

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99 points

Make bins great again

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