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An oriental castle in Burghausen an der Salzach, Germany

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60 points

Is this legal?

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129 points

Spot the black Labrador

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126 points

Epic bedroom - The Razor House in La Jolla, California

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54 points

Just try to fucking cage me again

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Senior prank at School on friday

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138 points

Doll House

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103 points

High school classmate posted this on IG today - 🤮

Preview 62ccd6da 664b 4fe9 a37a 8c5bb79c9039

So true!

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113 points

Much wow

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Caption this:

Preview 5a14e93a b02b 4b36 aea9 6c40e52e3ce1
116 points

Perspective: What people think the Hawaii lava flow looks like VS reality

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123 points

Taking a dip.

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Engagement session in Yosemite 7000ft/2133m above ground

Preview 23e22e0e 5956 48ef 9358 bce26d20b745

Dad heard and felt some debris on top for the longest...

Preview e5988477 0f74 4ae5 9d9a 2252cdd6cc5a
110 points

Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got

Preview ab0cfa05 712d 4dea 96b0 0980bb9c1652
77 points

This little guy and the Golden Gate

Preview b8d99923 88c8 4882 82d3 00dd51f5036a

This road on my way to colorado

Preview 8b035f85 3188 4abc 8df3 fd718186e4fd
78 points

Just a sleeping dog on the trunk of a moving car.

Preview f701f7e8 027b 473a a9db e13cbc38df09
88 points

Hiroshima Orizuru Tower - Hiroshi Sambuichi. Looks like an awesome place for a sparing session / fight scene

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54 points

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