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I love you

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103 points


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104 points

This medieval illustration

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140 points

Who sphynx this will work?

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80 points

TV Channels

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89 points


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104 points

Was at my parents house making maple syrup all week. Result was 11 quarts...

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83 points

Weight loss plans.. and happy hats!

Preview fe804a00 2b84 4847 af24 d14a607e28f3
80 points

Y'all gonna make me post a graph

Preview 0e35039b c9cb 43d3 83d5 f4623857ee2e
108 points

The great menstrual cycle

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60 points

Why I like France

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72 points

TV-channels IRL

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59 points

I am here

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Well technically, the same number of people not wanting to date you, but whatever, you know what I mean.

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101 points

Why I like France

Preview 2988b695 a1fa 42dc b292 fb72cd64eeec
91 points


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D Generation X anyone?

Preview 6278c46b 082a 464b 8112 6adc301b3443
42 points

Classic Garfield

Preview 8894d930 8bdc 42b5 9c21 00fe3332f1e4
72 points

Pinch me

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81 points

This guy decided today was the day to start a "Pick Up Artist" club and pick up chicks in NYC

Preview 25a6ba51 817b 45de 9704 54354d45fd40
126 points

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