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These vagina nails.

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114 points

Girlfriend took a pregnancy test and sent me this...

Preview 00f3776b 4eb6 4dcb 8405 bbbffb875e31
76 points

A high dependency patient's blood sample after a two day drinking binge.

Preview ecf5b89b bc0c 46fc 8ccd 3bf49bb3f0cb
76 points

Middle Child, the soap edition

Preview df35c91d f677 4b3f b42b 4d48b4487f39
58 points

You little shit

Preview 095aa9fb 1dec 488a a820 2a015f3e51f5
41 points

Found this while working in the middle east. Yes, it is scented.

Preview c1f7a78e 123a 4530 b509 d9bd65bee988
60 points

Metal Arts class can be a pain in the....

Preview 66a483af e4e1 482a 8cbf b93426d463d8
56 points


Preview 15962c50 7c80 4010 91c2 d05e12be486b
21 points

This image rape my mind

Preview 7cf004de ccbf 48b1 b950 11463a8ddb73
47 points

The hearts I want

Preview e4654222 04b0 4fc1 a2ed d97210586d60
138 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

Preview 1610b0fa d742 4415 bca6 b9b916ca4ecd
102 points

Everything is a ok

Preview 8adadeef 3b9b 4452 b935 d19a99cacd07
74 points

Who know, also the art lessons are an optional.

Preview 954a9203 4abe 4063 b871 95548c11b754
20 points

The Washing Instructions on my Shorts

Preview 322b1c35 9735 4c33 9100 c17a051cb239
50 points

I stubbed my toe

Preview 5d6b41df 00c1 4d73 9fa8 a4aabc637b74
53 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

Preview fe60fa31 22ee 49b3 b2ee 17ba9f2733ea
57 points

Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

Preview 617c0e24 0f51 43c1 be5b 29bc57b7f4f8
66 points

Does this site like weird? Coz I got some weird.

Preview 91c1d743 4eac 48a6 b9a3 29a825f6e597
55 points


Preview 297078e5 408d 4130 959b f932e08abc04
143 points


Preview 23fca961 4da1 4f2d 85ca df43eef881e4
89 points

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