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This image rape my mind

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19 points

The hearts I want

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115 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

Preview 1610b0fa d742 4415 bca6 b9b916ca4ecd
22 points

Everything is a ok

Preview 8adadeef 3b9b 4452 b935 d19a99cacd07
20 points

Who know, also the art lessons are an optional.

Preview 954a9203 4abe 4063 b871 95548c11b754
3 points

The Washing Instructions on my Shorts

Preview 322b1c35 9735 4c33 9100 c17a051cb239
23 points

I stubbed my toe

Preview 5d6b41df 00c1 4d73 9fa8 a4aabc637b74
19 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

Preview fe60fa31 22ee 49b3 b2ee 17ba9f2733ea
15 points

Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

Preview 617c0e24 0f51 43c1 be5b 29bc57b7f4f8
6 points

Does this site like weird? Coz I got some weird.

Preview 91c1d743 4eac 48a6 b9a3 29a825f6e597
20 points


Preview 297078e5 408d 4130 959b f932e08abc04
78 points


Preview 23fca961 4da1 4f2d 85ca df43eef881e4
16 points

Found this in a museum - KKK laxative

Preview 3a9726cf 6f89 42e6 bee8 e6aa002189cc
11 points

Found this in a museum - KKK laxative

Preview feb9548c 24a0 4a14 8da9 2d4d7d522fd4
12 points

My father-in-law's rings.

Preview 226622ef 3d3f 4a88 b920 8028f47c05a2
11 points

My father-in-law's rings.

Preview 48151e33 8f5f 4198 94a0 4dcf3bc0777d
17 points

Well, that sounds scary.

Preview b4db3edc dfac 428a b13a a36f76420887
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Never don't give up

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