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Jeane Claude Van Racoon

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Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

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19 points

These clouds taking flight

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22 points

Fig trees are damn stubborn.This one is living in a concrete wall.

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23 points

Road through a Redwood

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18 points

Sheep blocking the trail

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Found near Alta Colorado

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19 points

On a cycling route from Belgium to the Netherlands

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16 points

Trees after the Storm, Lower Saxony

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70 points

Butrint, Albania

Preview 3727ed1a bf93 4c69 8c3a 25a206a4f801

I feel like I'm being watched..

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13 points

Dragon bench (not mine)

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81 points

Let’s do shrooms in the forest they said, it’ll be a great time they said

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23 points

Trees covered in spider webs after flooding in Pakistan

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74 points

Good bye my friend. Timoti, Moon - moon mix, 2002-2017

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19 points

"You can't take nice pictures with your smartphone"they said... And I got this, no filter, couldn't believe it!

Preview 9a3c6466 f51f 4671 8e66 568c6564c9af

Touch the sky.

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Found this pretty little pink berry (I’m assuming it’s a berry) today. It was so bright I saw it while driving past on the road, had to stop and get a picture.

Preview 81829cc8 aa64 4f89 a655 fe0c0bb313fc
74 points

Streetlit tree on a foggy night.

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