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The new fashion for Scottish stags

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12 points

A horrifying fire tornado in Missouri

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17 points


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73 points

The water preserved this deer's body underneath and the rest was rotted away.

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115 points

In a video game, There would be a secret room behind here.

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110 points

Caught a lightning

Preview 0d6c03f1 9bea 43e5 beab e4f936a82f50

They’re in there... somewhere.

Preview 2b85c4e9 104a 48e2 b16a f26f81c71a77
89 points

Living room with view, Capri, Italy.

Preview f9fe89f8 9f68 4f9b 94cb c4f9c992c383
36 points

A cottonmouth they found in a lake near me

Preview 75935e72 0a4a 4af4 bce4 3790839e1b3c

Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

Preview de4ddb50 42a5 4e26 901e 756ac8a9b708

Carp in a tree after a flood

Preview 8bec14e8 28f6 43c8 bc04 aebb391c6256
69 points

What a lovely view...

Preview 6050e7c0 4e20 4061 b567 05acf192ab08

trying to catch a water balloon

Preview aae7dc8b 9f38 4ade b099 043a16c8871f

I saw a shirtless man cutting another guy's hair in the park today.

Preview cac07027 11f0 4efe 8c41 994edda712a4
107 points

Nobody likes my neighbor. The neighbors snowplowed AROUND him in order to not plow him out. It made my day!

Preview 61b6df75 d87c 4a29 a998 295d96cf5dd3
107 points

Snapped this one during a skateboard ride down to the beach

Preview e22af6a5 2978 4aa5 9dbf cf6793ab31b2

Walked into the toilets to take a piss and what do I find?

Preview 6fcd3400 f9c9 458b a079 4f188181b400
68 points

The Blue Unibird

Preview 0f935f24 bd86 44fa adf6 30de0ea625bd


Preview 323c5abb e052 4ecb 886e 202d8da57a9c
73 points

Cold War luxury bunker design from the 1962-63 Worlds Fair

Preview 74264cc6 ef01 4324 8a7e 6f8163c56c28
76 points

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