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8 points

Using a flamethrower to shovel the driveway

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17 points

Questions that need to be answered

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62 points

I don’t even know what to say.

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70 points

My Room View!

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78 points

Winter Snow Storm - lightning in the clouds revealed by filter. Unfiltered and more pics for comparison in comments

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Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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79 points

A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

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65 points

Kindergarten teacher had students trace their hands for the window....creepier than intended

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65 points

Wanted to get a quick pic when this kind lightning bolt appeared and pointed me towards my destination

Preview 1e2a42cc a277 425a 8743 3bf0687da227

Thunderstorm in my neighborhood in TX

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Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

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60 points

There is always a dog that will spoil the photo

Preview d7fc4403 3687 447d b4ab 01e0e7584aa7
21 points

This tree looks like leaning over broccoli.

Preview e9c5e512 43c7 4fa8 8807 97a7a950d9ec
20 points

Me neighbor is an idiot

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21 points

A bird bit my sister in Cancun and pulled her over the bridge we were standing on.

Preview ee0e92da 3c7b 4746 ba61 1e33fb418dfb

Everyone who reads this

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56 points

Axl Rose has really mellowed out in his later years

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41 points

"Bear with me, dog."

Preview 4b32a1f7 a6ec 46b5 8c0d 5026d300fa80
22 points

Guess who found the last egg.

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