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A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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That last step is a bit tricky

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Teal'c dial the gate , we are going home.

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I'll just sleep here

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Anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?? Asking for a neighbor...

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Just out for a walk with the dog

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An autumn point of view

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Exact moment when the sound barrier is broken at 1234,8 km.

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10 points

Ummm shit?!

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14 points

This tower we found in an Irish forest looks like something out of a fairytale

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13 points

The rural roads of South Carolina

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11 points

Here we go again

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Morning mountain lake

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10 points

Real tree leaf carved by me

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10 points

Morning Sun's Rays, Massachusetts

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7 points

Finnish summer, no words needed!

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14 points

Maple Ridge in Japan

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11 points

Tree bark peeled by lightning

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13 points

Parants and wifi

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11 points

Burger King says farewell

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