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Bye bye screen

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An outdoor shower with surfaced with local natural lava rocks in Kona, Hawaii. Attached to an indoor bath. 512 x 768

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112 points

After hours party at the local bed store

Preview a83da70f a1e9 4c1a b571 0219419e06ff
259 points

Almost saw a vampire on my morning walk.

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133 points

Despite appearances we caught zero fish last night.

Preview 51792226 d1a4 4315 b2b2 a25b4133f2d3
146 points

Fuck this tree in particular

Preview 615f80a1 3a99 4a91 943b b0c252f1fab3

Backyard decoration

Preview 420f2b25 660a 4a80 8396 1bf0342c9a85
115 points

The best proof of the flat earth so far

Preview 0b8156b8 5132 46cc a844 7b0b4cadab03
123 points

Gravity-defying Jenga

Preview 7d84419f 4322 4a2f a3c6 04684aa8ecd0
132 points

I'm pretty sure this patio is Rivendell IRL

Preview f7bb71e7 39da 446e 9b9a bcedbfe3523d
74 points

Breeze caressed, vine-covered outdoor living space on the Amalfi Coast

Preview a3bd255a 9330 4488 a868 38207676b69a
59 points

Clear message

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111 points

Synchonized shits

Preview e90d3e10 c822 42e7 a7ac af1b926b0419

The new fashion for Scottish stags

Preview 0b366783 203c 4f17 adfc 2e4f1e0557ac
90 points

A horrifying fire tornado in Missouri

Preview 25eef425 503f 4274 b513 7b50756d22f1
70 points

My mom captured the exact moment my son witnessed my dad falling off his ladder.

Preview 72febb08 af9a 410b a2ce a36aae7d70da
109 points

A lady told me I was a hero for returning her dog today. I found him 2 ft from the sign.

Preview af6e885d f87c 48ff 9b65 540e8e500d40
115 points


Preview 4ce616c8 4e06 4fb7 ae0f a35613dd7981
104 points

The water preserved this deer's body underneath and the rest was rotted away.

Preview 10f22f17 2fb2 42af bef6 a2fc09f9b319
131 points

In a video game, There would be a secret room behind here.

Preview 107fee63 8fb6 4d82 b71d 980035c1511b
128 points

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