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Heaven on earth

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11 points

Colorful sea slug

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6 points

God dammit, not again :|

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Germans be like

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Plitvice National Park, Kroatien

Preview c860bb9b aaff 4a15 89a2 f1b733941754
7 points

This underwater snake's nostrils look like googly eyes

Preview f24d3c16 8f09 4e32 b922 4ede5955d0cc
19 points

Blue ring octopus. Eff no!!

Preview b611f542 39d3 441a a306 c369dd0682cd
0 points

Hello darkness

Preview cfe0afd8 92e8 49cd 85a4 0b97116494d1
13 points

Some dreams are just not meant to be fulfilled

Preview 67d7a47e 505f 4d05 a54d 2fe2baf4922c
16 points

Beautiful snek

Preview 8ed79903 46f4 469f b20d da39fde847fa

The inside of a Sea Turtle's mouth

Preview 6a971897 edbe 47fb 82fd 61a1c83eb30b
13 points

Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

Preview 7e6e86cc 21fd 4410 9ee5 f7c5ac20751b
15 points

Sarcoramphus papa

Preview 404d116f fd92 4ee2 bdd7 f1efaf98205a
7 points

Jesus incognito on holidays

Preview 4469e81b 8dcd 4a52 9383 e97d45bc8256
12 points

Parants and wifi

Preview 8d75a3f3 d52f 4505 99d4 a02669094b62
13 points

Extra Thick

Preview b217ea06 a353 4b68 8c89 b630cfe05c20

With all the bees dying out there, this was a beautiful sight to see.

Preview d7211b98 684e 4f23 bd07 f4ac33559d57
10 points

Loneliness level 9999

Preview dbd7e25e 9302 4819 9626 02aa29d92485
18 points

Good time for a selfie...

Preview d069cf07 dc24 4ae0 abd4 834ea9c9da26
16 points

Manatees are no longer endangered!

Preview 773e722f e513 4460 a763 320e9d80d926

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