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Important science tip

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70 points

A bird bit my sister in Cancun and pulled her over the bridge we were standing on.

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What do you call an over-excited bird watcher? A hornithologist

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17 points

Haha, no.

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Shipwreck in the Caribbean Sea off of Honduras

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16 points

Palawan philippines

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14 points

Who else want to live here?

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16 points

Anything you say?

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17 points

I'd never try this.

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Plant Filled Bathroom in an Old Montreal Condo

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102 points

*A wild parrot arrived*

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7 points

Watermelon Owl

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19 points

KNOW the difference!

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23 points

Really weird animals

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69 points

We are living in 2017 but this guy is living in 4017

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83 points

batty jackpot

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Sounds good, doesn't work

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44 points

I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple.

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