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True bro

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56 points

Found a gladiator in Houston last week.

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62 points

Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto

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94 points

I have questions...

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97 points

I thought i'd seen it all on the road,but WTF

Preview 7316e859 c7d4 4cba acc4 1471744ae15b
109 points


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90 points

Plus it will keep the food fresh!

Preview bc769289 776d 4172 bc7c 5a4e6587eb94
93 points

Might be my only talent.

Preview 60f75ff8 e7cb 434c 8d92 046821734a22
80 points

Cruising 70mph down the freeway like this. Not exactly sure what's going on here.

Preview 05a6162d 3466 4feb 8d3a 0267635117e5
92 points

Turf war happening outside my office

Preview b7ecb0c5 aa35 403d 9399 2a5f66f65c81
91 points

Bit of a shitty situation

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84 points

Time To Work Out

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78 points

This crazy van outside my apartment building

Preview b15e84fa c1b7 45a5 9cbf 783d427672fa
95 points

Just fueling up my two tanks

Preview 8af5b4ff 3f35 4bc5 a420 97071da07eb6
108 points

My 5 y.o. daughter pointed at this on our walk and said it was cool.

Preview 4f674554 192b 44f4 9e73 799cb813323c
90 points

Saw a country boy in the suburbs today. I think it's like two or three cars welded together.

Preview 5130eaa6 a19a 4285 82e5 3758e1caf642
79 points

Sometimes you gotta make a run for it

Preview a23dcc32 1f01 4b05 98ac 5f6be595994a
68 points

Someone’s not a Vikings fan...

Preview 1adfeaef 4d3a 43d0 afca 00a69aa56e40
80 points


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