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A mail truck, towing a mail truck, while a mail truck passes going the other way

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130 points

"Thanks for lift neighbor!"

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150 points

This handicapped handyman and his ladder

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Now what?

Preview 8e9c7549 1261 40ed 9997 7590b4df2a85

Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru...

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134 points

“Promise you’ll drive slow”

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112 points

Knock knock

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108 points

Scotland showing support for England's first match

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183 points

I didn’t even know he was in town! So excited

Preview 6675ed44 31a5 4da2 bd5a 72e07b5e68e9
141 points

Don't drink and drive, guys....

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104 points

Yeah some people think so

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85 points

On the way home today... Wasn't worried though, he had his hazards on.

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104 points

Saw this on my way to the hardware store for supplies to fix a clogged drain. I took the number down just in case...

Preview 3029c55c 52fc 42e8 b11a c2b334de905e
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Preview 27b71592 b838 4994 9496 3b2eddafd439
69 points

Puddin' Time?

Preview d50a28e9 16ef 4697 803d a3ab0cfd0e16
76 points

What a shitty car

Preview 5a67b446 ab30 4027 b871 165c1232bbd1
107 points

Saw this vehicle in a parking lot in Woodburn, OR yesterday named, "The Barbie Mobile". Over 100 Barbie dolls stripped and glued around the outside of the vehicle.

Preview 6029da2a 2738 4fde bd4b a1b86be419f0
96 points

Despite the massive amount of questions I have..................I am thoroughly impressed! . Crosspost from pics by JesusSkywalkered

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90 points

True bro

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