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That's one way to carry lumber

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92 points

Scene from Wednesday morning commute....

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85 points

Spoke too soon

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78 points

Who had one of these badboys as a kid?

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87 points

My fiancé carries chalk in his car for opportunities like this one

Preview 752ef94c 2519 4bab bd4f e35b6759dcfc
84 points

"Shit's about to go down"

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66 points


Preview a0c0f68c 3466 4a5e 8428 511b72e00a34
50 points

Final Destination

Preview 809850d5 eb7e 4e99 81d0 a972e36e869b
58 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

Preview 21cfafbe 84ec 416e a2a5 65397318631d
73 points

I found a car we all have been drawing in our childhood

Preview 024c9997 f5df 4a1f 8ea9 54511fba1cc0
50 points

When a 10 mph crash becomes a bloodbath.

Preview 6afb57b1 836b 4353 b8ec e8ff70f3fa3d
61 points

The Fall

Preview b0cb7ea8 3c36 4419 8ac3 04c1cd84c97a

Treat yo self

Preview a1f73e16 316e 45d6 9ab4 c5c0f4bb4d72
68 points

Yo Dawg

Preview 0237ef63 2fcb 4e77 ab84 77ba86f43c4c
46 points

Who knew

Preview f92d6559 2173 413b 9030 4f962c666d5a
70 points

I really hope they let us choose this......

Preview 677b7b27 2440 4317 a00d 924e64094a15
79 points

Like this guys style

Preview c13ce449 73a0 48cd 9ae2 49e086b0b14e
94 points

Too much? Nah fam

Preview 3f30702a 1938 41ee 843f cffdd6486b9a
72 points

I parked next to Harrison Ford today!

Preview e18540d7 d4df 4403 b3f1 dbcc3bbfd58b
98 points

Don’t worry South Carolina, help is on the way!

Preview a24d9e42 9c62 41c8 9aff cab28423ca91
88 points

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