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Found Jesus in the parking lot

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16 points

Art from grime on the back of a truck

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56 points

Just another day in San Francisco

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64 points

Oh god

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17 points

Introducing Redneck/'Merica Enthymeme

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A school bus in Beirut.

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14 points

Meanwhile in Tampa Bay, Florida...

Preview 61d56053 1f2d 4953 aedc 4e912a1fecd5
19 points

I knew that the car we used to draw in kindergarten does exist.

Preview 54337433 9f75 42a1 9d2b 87327f636143
84 points

Should've taken the long way around

Preview 6f0ce66d 69dc 473a 8190 6574bf106d1d
18 points

No kids

Preview 294b8131 8af6 4fa1 8047 8eafc12c9113
18 points

Good to see Snoop Dog's morning delivery is on schedule

Preview 221b9d02 17c0 45ca 986a 512d54e4d0a7
16 points


Preview a71d0b28 45b1 4d88 a4d7 4e23f1608522
19 points

Awesome Head... Lights Restore $5 Each

Preview a616e4fb 893b 4389 97fa 02210147d968
53 points

This man is my spirit animal

Preview af99e5ce 2b87 4a3a baef 1c827526384a
65 points

This company is going places!

Preview 73a3f50b f9ec 4368 9539 836ba55bbbcb
24 points

All aboard the Ho Bus

Preview a3a41676 14a1 4af0 91df eb445997164c
16 points

Meanwhile in Canada!

Preview c83d2295 af39 4713 bfb4 948dce431f2c
20 points

I cant tell if this is genius or retarded

Preview 52511c27 c723 43f8 b2b9 4b403d58a845
17 points

Work van graphics done right...

Preview 611e191e 3439 41ce 937c a2e72fd5dbc8
19 points

Not again Germany...

Preview 27e4d166 67a0 4efb 9c3f 28fa3588ce33
16 points

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