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314 points

This RC Car Can Drive Across Water And Left People Deeply Confused

171 points


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127 points

Just when it gets to the best part

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91 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

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126 points
Preview 33ed341b 2a17 42f2 9b75 4d7c918b79fe
76 points

If you feel uselees think about this rear window cleaner

Preview 6447b970 aa35 4d34 896e a655bee4ab53
211 points

Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia...

Preview f9781d65 9b6f 4237 8b1b 9bf21e17f101
122 points

Blinky thing means turning

Preview 75cab5ed 537b 4db7 8d3d d345be550d14
135 points

Because fu*k you

Preview 7f15231a 4809 4740 80ab 097c35674e02
130 points

A fine university for gentleman

Preview 8a14a6bf 5f82 4238 9433 5757f193760a
117 points

I take the turret. who will drive?

Preview 12e8e3e1 578a 404c a504 507e4cb94813
106 points

You're trying to work, this guy shows up, what do you do?

Preview 053db16e f175 4342 946e d8788659579e
160 points

Guess What country

Preview d4a03c97 f741 4504 8ae8 89594fa42094
212 points

All aboard!

Preview 98e1ccd4 7f6c 4b48 a45f 5f3e377518da
82 points

If it is stupid but it work it ain't stupid

Preview 78956f41 6281 4088 874a 5f0e4bc88289
164 points

The best bumper sticker I've come across

Preview e43a45e1 88b0 40c5 88b0 c0663a6d5b54
169 points

It's true...

Preview cf470768 5a41 48c1 aa79 1e474d34b398
244 points

Don't like trucks??

Preview 400791e3 360c 4b16 a6ef 0fe30b7354df
147 points

The original bumper dumper, which actually is on the bumper.

Preview 72e85f45 069b 462d b9a6 65f3383d777e
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