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Trailer For District 9 Director's "Volume 1" Delivers Some Weird Sh*t As Promised


Guy Tries To Break Up Berkeley Riots With A Can Of Pepsi, Thanks To Their Failed Ad

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Follows A Skier Traveling Through North Korea In This Visually Stunning Documentary

203 points

Listen To This "Life Accordion To Donald Trump" Again (Part 2)

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"Americans Are Dumber Than The Rest Of The World," Is It True? This Test Tries To Find It Out

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"You can't just ban 7 countries"

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Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

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I wonder where did he get it from....

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Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the President of The United States of America.

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Trump Greets the Public

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"America First, But Denmark Second!" The Danish Trolls Trump Like Other European Countries Do, Still Epic

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Switzerland Welcomes President Trump In Trump's Speaking Style

174 points

This Explains Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else Can

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Ellen DeGeneres Uses "Finding Dory" To Criticize Donald Trump's Travel Ban


Jimmy Fallon Brings Back Donald Trump Impression With "Huge Wheel of Decisions"!

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Trump's family in one gif

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Trump irl

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Trumps first act as Empero- President of the USA.

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Trump for president 2015!

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Donald Trump Gets A Presidential Makeover And The Transformation Is Striking

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