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Bad timing hippos

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100 points

Curved kitchen island cabinets in a residence with glass walls on a sloping bank overlooking Delaware River, New Hope, Pennsylvania

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81 points

This gas station bathroom sink is knee high. I am only 6'

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121 points

Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat tonight...

Preview c39a2d3c bae6 40fd bf31 02a58646660e
114 points

Free-standing tub looks out on to a private courtyard in this home located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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65 points

Bat Soup

Preview b97c07a0 19dd 4c53 bedb bfee52d64f04
92 points

Indoor/outdoor bathroom in Bali

Preview 9ec80cc2 013b 43ec 8f1e bea3e19608d0
116 points

Empty pool + saturated soil from a thunderstorm

Preview bca13c48 79d0 40f6 be0c 46ed5ba62fa2
129 points

My wife left the cat in our bedroom. Someone was not happy about it

Preview de1ada9d 8a10 4a8f 8e52 feb9ffbe1456

The monster I pulled from my apartment's shower drain.

Preview 653b6b9e 0564 455d 9cc3 bd60441f47f2
67 points

Female co-worker can't understand why we're laughing at how she cleaned the men's bathroom

Preview 01278125 1ad4 4d4d 80dd 5f397463b8cd
104 points

Just a regular family gathering.

Preview 2fce9ab3 4fba 4309 9103 3656c8249732
109 points


Preview b2bef570 b8e4 429e 9184 d0139f62da23
85 points

When you have your priorities straight

Preview e2910a68 8df0 4129 b3ad 2c94f1a9ecad
94 points

When you hear something downstairs when you’re in the bath.

Preview 9eb86f6d 74ca 4f6f b633 93bfe92c6b84
97 points

First world problems

Preview 66b8df4c 6445 4ae6 a7df cb1a916f3a6d
109 points

This is what roughly 26,000 mosquitoes looks like.

Preview 3ebf977b 0774 4a5c 95b7 a5f4d1e11bf6
64 points

Smiling Gecko

Preview 2de15766 3dc7 4732 852c 9ffef1da77a6
19 points

I asked if I could take their picture but should've known they wouldn't just smile for the camera.

Preview 4776f5d9 c61a 4485 816a f9095024ea00
135 points

Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

Preview f558fb54 b27a 4e57 91b0 a56a4bf8b958
51 points

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