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Punk can't die

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22 points

Meet Frank

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Sea turtle with two heads

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9 points

You've got to love hungarian!

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A Moss Covered Turtle Shell

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16 points

A wife is like a hand grenade, remove the ring and your house is gone.

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1 points

Accidentally dispensed paint colorant without a gallon ready at sherwin Williams today. Made a cool layered mess.

Preview 75b7f3ab 6991 437e a2cc b30ae3711776
15 points

Mother and Daughter

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10 points

Can we make the capybara the official animal of 9GAG?

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21 points

I lol'd

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3 points

140 year old mother with her 5 day old son

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22 points

The reflection of the turtles looks like two bearded men.

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1 points

So nice

Preview 322fecc1 e62f 4bd8 9c17 3f5bd48f29d8
11 points

It's funny because it's true

Preview 7cb7f5fb e443 488a a53f d34f0aee70ce
2 points

Veritable photo of Earth from space

Preview 90a15ab1 bac5 4b09 85f0 30bcc3851d19
9 points

My tortoise can be fast when he wants


Two Bearded Men

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4 points

I like turtles

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4 points

He keeps eating

Preview 18d86ca4 0745 4ee7 ba22 eb5f125b7760
5 points

Most Adorable Baby Turtle Found in My Backyard

Preview 6035e9f4 0dfd 4424 b1ae d9f54b69b3a6

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