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I see you

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Piggybacking turtles

Preview c364851a 986a 40c0 94eb e79b63ceb0f3

Missionary: "Not on my watch"

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73 points

Its so cute......

Preview a51175f0 577c 4992 b941 1300a6fd88dd
19 points

My puppy’s smile 😊

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Moss covered turtle shell

Preview 93d60835 3436 49af a2e0 4d089e80a7e1
105 points


Preview dbc0b360 0146 4836 bbaf b93828ff2472

Indigo snake

Preview a9961200 ee49 4231 91eb 12661f93cf3f
20 points

Adorable baby hippo

Preview 119781c5 e740 4c9b bc0b 6c3cbbe0b223
19 points

Punk can't die

Preview 040b4fdc 5887 44bd 8099 4eabe1c36b01
75 points

Meet Frank

Preview cb1e7411 1e63 4d67 a208 ada09037da7f

Sea turtle with two heads

Preview f28e79b6 d167 4830 8b56 baa1d481f6af
14 points

You've got to love hungarian!

Preview afb760f8 e714 457e b7b6 f05dd0006650

A Moss Covered Turtle Shell

Preview 691fd2ef bd15 44f2 bdcb d05aca0e8a04
55 points

I found one of the Mario bros enemies

Preview 3386d691 22aa 4e10 af97 b192b0741aed
5 points

Chick Chicky Boom

Preview 85ab1c59 3ad3 4017 a9e6 8c536cdc082a
10 points

A wife is like a hand grenade, remove the ring and your house is gone.

Preview 4b4e3e34 683a 4807 8479 0a9bbbf04099
8 points

Accidentally dispensed paint colorant without a gallon ready at sherwin Williams today. Made a cool layered mess.

Preview 75b7f3ab 6991 437e a2cc b30ae3711776
20 points

Mother and Daughter

Preview 1d695388 b82f 4ed0 b508 2a603a0d4916
16 points

Can we make the capybara the official animal of 9GAG?

Preview dbc77ce4 6bac 4dc3 a624 24fe89332332
70 points

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