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This pic of Chrissy Teigen looks like she has a gigantic grasshopper leg with a garter on.

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Throwing block parties since ‘95

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When the best spot on the couch is taken.

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A split second before my back hit the ground. The branch I was hanging from broke and I fell 5ft onto my back.

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20 minutes

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Me this Halloween

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Doc, I can't be a good doggo for a long time.

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Fiona photobombs marriage proposal at Cincinnati Zoo

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This happened unexpectedly to my dad's friend in Idaho circa 1980 while he was leaning into his car to get something

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What happens when a rodent's teeth don't meet and wear normally

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Two women wearing rubber beauty masks to remove wrinkles and blemishes, c. 1920's.

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Meat man

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Freaked out by her beauty

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When the shadow shows your inner self

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Here you can see a fine spiciemen of a catus plant ready for harvesting

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Woman has a striking resemblance to subject of The Broken Pitcher by William-Adolphe Bouguereau from 1891

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Perfect wave timing for these boys.

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Trump visited Maastricht today

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Udder Bliss One Cow, Three Cats and Some (Very) Fresh Milk

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