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Found kittens in a bucket by a dumpster, someone left them for Irma to take them. I took them

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Feeling old yet?

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13 points

Just when you thought it was over

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12 points

Thinking intensifies..

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18 points

Cloud pupperino an cloud boye need a baf pls

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Mama i got a new chair

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Head to leg bump

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13 points

One in a million wedding picture.

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16 points

Nice gift

Preview 36067664 9edf 4d7b b6f4 7b64769efa77
15 points

Cryptic Trio of Puppers

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17 points

Old af

Preview ae9e093d 7c10 4928 8bba d65c33289122
7 points

Few seconds before happiness 1955

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Martin Luther King with his son removing a burnt cross from their front yard

Preview 1bd59e45 3d90 44d8 84fe 8209068075e4
12 points

So many pictures in my head

Preview a86602e5 e87c 4e68 af9f 3125cabc84da
14 points

Meanwhile in a pararel universe

Preview 28dbfdf8 80e2 4472 9905 73fcfb2ce1eb
12 points

Who needs a wedding cake when there's shawarma

Preview 87cef4ca 3055 42c2 bef6 eec55fae90c2
14 points

Missile Kick

Preview 1a4b337d a4b6 4804 b370 b92b65c23f20

The term "Siamese Twins" comes from Chang and Eng Bunker. They both married separate women, Chang had 11 children. Eng had 10.

Preview 937d7290 767f 45e3 85d5 e77f47a88f65
18 points

Take my money

Preview f23b7f84 481b 4e2c 959d ee9b479ef796
13 points

Moments before happiness

Preview 4ed9e2ab 8b44 47a5 993a 526971c659ef
15 points

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