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Stop doing kissing pranks there is no real prank . Hope you all enjoy!

53 points

Basset hounds don’t “play,” baby emu.


Men in Black

94 points

Craig & Smokey

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130 points

Slav life level: over 9000

Preview 57aa9a3e 199a 4d1c 8801 6e763451939a
170 points

Hanging around for a friend

Preview 3445401f bfdb 46e0 8ef3 8d4fe7eb1d66

Some Hasselhoff for you

Preview f01ba01d a9a3 4e93 873d 6cf3eb1fb3c2
91 points

Bill Murray wearing a 'George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man' shirt while watching fireworks with George Clooney.

Preview 1482e802 b6e4 4dff ba33 b090e150e1a2
134 points

A man's best friend

Preview cecf708a 5449 4c64 941b f7f4087897a8
87 points

Hiding in the Bushes

Preview 85040ff8 ee13 49e8 b45d 50731266de6d
127 points

I think I found my Halloween costume

Preview 7cc9a0ca 5c58 4c41 80e9 17e06908f91d
100 points

That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye.

Preview adaa45cb c9f1 4fa6 b1bf 4d288574c615
122 points

Dual head horse

Preview c549eed5 625f 4c0f b7a0 33fd51aab119
142 points

Okay Lenin

Preview 12fc01b2 32ca 4e41 a19f 11d7bbf3b4fe
96 points

Wild cookie: a love story 3

Preview f1205fd3 48bc 4e7e a44a 57e909192b2a

A few questions here....

Preview f94444a5 09ca 4616 a03d 400492737b43
121 points

Working in these all day

Preview 4ace4fb4 6771 43f7 9b52 6584188108b1

Did somebody just call m WHAT THE

Preview 5d137893 5f89 4a09 8d12 9fc29f96f10f

Wild cookie: a love story

Preview ad266a39 aa1c 4542 ae04 f934e55f0ccf

Vintage hotness

Preview f7908c81 fb78 4944 b0b1 b9b5fc8988ed
115 points

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