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Girl visits national park with her dad

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34 points

Damn,I would wear those

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Hilarious Mashups Of Donald Trump And Iconic Horror Movie Scenes

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You know that look

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Hello there chaps

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7 points

Having a nice moment at the Zoo

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Settlement of Japanese-Chinese relations

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Parents try taking a cute photo with their baby. But it looks like they're both sucking dicks.

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13 points

So many questions...

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What on God's unholy earth is this?

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This made me really sad...

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Teach me, master!

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This kid is going places. Probably back to the orphanage...but places.

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He gets it

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The moment that I hate most. Who can relate?

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Does anyone know if Bruno Mars finally took his ring off?

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3 points

Relationship goals

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Favorite pup looks like a devil dog mid-yawn

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