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Who the fuck did this?!

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126 points

This monitor in the airplane on the last row.

Preview 3170ffb6 f818 451e a083 ebf18e3f6a6b
135 points

Dude just birthed a phoenix

Preview d2b6249e f434 4325 83d3 e522c8cdc701
118 points

Some party hard, others party harder.

Preview 126c0802 79bb 4cdf 8cf6 e821711c94b9
133 points

My friend got a convertible and this is the only hat he wears in it

Preview 61b26d0a 0c2a 461b 941b a6700836192d
119 points

Tom Holland performs on lip sync battle

195 points

Dramatic Yurt-inspired Bedroom w/ Burled Wood & Skylight to mimic Traditional Hole in Ceiling

Preview 79d0162b a233 47a1 a8d3 b4d96f09eeed
108 points

Who else want to live here?

Preview 5cf935a0 811b 48b6 aed1 d5b61edf69f0
112 points

ehh...Now I think I'm really adopted!!

Preview c30c53a1 657a 41bf bae4 3259f65cc489

ehhh..Now I think I'm really adopted!!

Preview 0aa69808 da0c 4cac b897 8a7b457344d2
102 points

I didn't expect that when they said that winter is coming

Preview c6b6d53d 66e0 47e0 96dd 0a6d2245d3d7
110 points

*grabs popcorn*

Preview 269511c9 8dfc 457b a0b2 f4942aa5cecb

This spiral stairs inside a tower

Preview b25e71d5 2c04 48a3 bda9 e78b2e01ea9b
73 points

Spiral stairs inside a tower

Preview c9a164b9 aef1 442c 9288 752586a6fbd1
70 points

This floating dog out for a "walk"

Preview 537875d3 5c3d 4970 b662 8dae0bbc733b
114 points

When your parents want you to be a cute little fairy but you're metal af.

Preview b5cb1185 e3f7 49d2 b257 67f65bfcb285
129 points

My big brother carrying our 101 y/o grandfather to safety from Harvey flooding.

Preview 2c3e872a 2fe1 4339 bd33 8aa09ee9bbf9
159 points

Incognito Mode Activated

Preview 284654b5 72c5 4ee8 b8f8 3c21fa9951a5

Hell yeah he's cool.

Preview bfe62d2b 4c21 424b 9b66 cedfc60aa490

When someone said "memes" this is what you though of, years ago.

Preview 3dc74cd6 96d8 48d5 941c 61e4225cc77f
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