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So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

194 points

Popping Air Balloon Underwater In 4K Slow Motion Is A Beautiful Art

333 points

But how? Captain? Explain please..

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141 points

Manatee hits an iceberg. Oh, the huge manatee!

Preview fe1e55f7 165f 4e8a b1ea bfca8697229f
144 points

Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew

Preview 2211aa7e 3153 43b3 95ff add7f5cb9c53
168 points

Excuse me, rocks

Preview 2a31c86b aa16 4db3 9c15 ec87a0e7fe81
127 points

Adolf Fishler

Preview d4b5c904 2009 4bad 968d b83d813473e9
115 points

One of these images is a turtle, and the other a person on a surfboard. Now imagine you're a hungry shark.

Preview e69ffa4b 342c 45b5 b9e9 fdfa748bf798
314 points

Think about it, bro...

Preview c7b2b079 eefb 4dd0 a798 c5b9c3733e61
93 points

RIP mom :-(

Preview ceb67137 34a8 45ae b7b8 ea88fee1aec0
74 points


Preview a6c722af 8ed5 477f 8491 c8205777ed74
73 points

Summoning the shrimp devil

Preview ee3e3075 170b 4a1d 9ff8 d4ae7cb05db9
200 points

Damn..I thought they are friendly and kind...

Preview 00250067 9919 495e 884a da626d605d0c
85 points

He's going to Otter Space

Preview 052fb9d0 00d1 4970 a214 e8e3ae919a6f
68 points


Preview 47025bf2 ceb7 4e90 ad87 9ec148cf0bdd
122 points

Dolphin refueling during flight.

Preview 75cf5df7 0273 4c83 a2b1 8d58021fa02b
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Cmon say yes say yes!!

Preview 0dd3425b 04e0 4f00 a87a a8fd77676f6b
86 points

That would be a little bit awkward, innit?

Preview 1e0b2409 652a 485b b37e 1a8e2660b4b2
86 points

Oh, I didn't see you there!

Preview e248ebab 0870 415e b9c1 03efb1e33319
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