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He's still a live b*tchez!

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7 points

Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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11 points

Caught this guy taking a shit outside my condo 💩 WTF

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9 points

Mushroom shaped iceberg

Preview 5396e2cd 705a 4dd9 a9cc 5f56d3848f67
10 points

This is a beluga seen from below. A shape which should be familiar to you #mermaid

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131 points

0_0 ---> 0 ___ 0

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18 points

Beneath an iceberg

Preview 718b2c2a 8c9a 4bfc 8501 b7499fb69425
10 points

Nice going Stingy!

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13 points

So this just happened today

Preview f5892a24 ec2a 43ce a73d 7ef1342aa1c6
10 points

An underwater cave in Mexico illuminated by a diver's light

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16 points

BBC Live

Preview 3742067e ef09 4331 a1cc 67bc0ead4132
1 points

This Duck that is just about to surface

Preview abd462b9 6b6d 4c4f ae3b ed42c89f5a1e

Hello darkness

Preview cfe0afd8 92e8 49cd 85a4 0b97116494d1
13 points

The sun seen through UV lens!

Preview 32b2d8eb 40f0 4594 adc4 139a1beaa6b0
7 points

Some dreams are just not meant to be fulfilled

Preview 67d7a47e 505f 4d05 a54d 2fe2baf4922c
16 points

Just imagine

Preview 2e4a9203 4a81 474a ae94 4c39859da035
2 points

What are YOU looking at?

Preview c47f8efa 9a90 4beb ac3e 9498b4b22dc3
12 points

Humpbacks in Monterey Bay

Preview 620c33c2 1517 4072 9b11 025c229cec05
7 points

My dog likes to swim

Preview 80715028 3322 4c40 b327 101c5da9efa5


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