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when you're trying to be a good boy, but also trying to avoid detection by the Predator

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199 points

I’m all ears

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Even alpacas are better looking then me!

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89 points

E.T. Never Got Home!

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130 points

I went to the zoo but the Rhino was tired.

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155 points

My friend just sent me this.

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109 points

Fatness lol

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111 points

A little snack

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134 points

Today i learned about the Babirusa, a species of wild pig with tusks that grow through the roof of its mouth. They keep growing and sometimes kill it by growing into its brain.

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140 points

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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103 points

Horse and fly

Preview f05df9db e390 427f 8c2f c95fbfee8858

My idol!

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76 points

Who Wore It Better?

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205 points

Moose with deformed hooves

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117 points

Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

Preview 50f4b274 ee73 413f b5af b7e7d3f4a569
109 points

Backup Camera Prank I'd like to put on a few peoples cars!

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210 points

By the tip of its tail

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Capybaras like most animals, apparently

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