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I find it very badass that in some countries the police is using horses...

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German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

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Hmmmm alright

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I can't fully understand this statute/statue.

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Police nowdays

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"Check your mirrors"

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They have reached nirvana

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If only they had Putin name him afterwards

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Great-grandfathers picture from ww1 in the Austro-Hungarian army.

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Just a normal day in murrica

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Would be cool if they declare war and nobody goes to fight

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Fact #13

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oh no

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This is Houston Police Officer Steve Perez. He died while rescuing people from devastating floods. Officer Perez is a hero.

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No one reads this

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Iceland has beaten a giant again and has qualified for World Cup 2018

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For research purpose

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I hope someone will look at you as she looks at me

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Apple Was Selling Clothes In 1986

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Hunting for the sport

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