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God Answers Prayers of Paralyzed Boy

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9 points

Did you know?-#042

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16 points

Oh my god! What a surprise!

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11 points

Too young to hate, 1992

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12 points

He still got a hit.

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Starts spamming the word: "die" in Japanese...

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20 points

A ceremonial first pitch at a Red Sox game hit a photographer in the balls. Here's his photo just before impact.

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12 points

Hey man where is the ball? -I don't know!! keep searching!

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13 points

No says god

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14 points

Back to school Jihad

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15 points

Some say thelegend_27 was a JTF2 operator..

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16 points

Screw Terminator 2, THIS is the scene where real men cried!

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Good rap/shit rap

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11 points

Oh man

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11 points

(Cough) ur ur right.....

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10 points

RIP Adam West

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Fun fact of the day

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11 points

My review of dunkirk

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WWI German "Trench Mauser"

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19 points

Dude, be more relevant please.

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