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Goddammit Ivan

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73 points

Get your d*cks out

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51 points

5-3 3dgy 10-6 me

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11 points

MRW the wifi on the airplane cuts off when I'm watching Wall-E

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"Glass being shattered from hockey check."

Preview 9d1148d2 86b5 4cef 98bf db09ca72b6f7

Am I going to hell for laughing at this?

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14 points

I'm going to hell

Preview da22a13a 3093 44aa 8c77 c9a4efd57647
56 points

A dolphine with a hat

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57 points

What really happened

Preview dcd84daf 30e1 4933 b0b9 7418e6a8d062
13 points

We need Magneto!!

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7 points

發送裸體 請

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10 points

Russian Armed Forces selfie

Preview 08d146b6 cc3c 4b3a b516 2613bafe61ea
11 points

Still one of the best pictures ever taken

Preview d44bd716 3250 4d77 89f0 037f90dd222d
12 points

HUGO BOSS Since 1934

Preview 20aec8b0 ab0e 4cf5 9c34 8af9732f2752
9 points

This kid is going places

Preview 6f148eac d351 4d89 814b daf476acc8b0
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2 points

America's response to Ivan.

Preview 4aabd256 a0f4 4606 9ad5 1f3221ab528a
177 points

Okay. You two hold hands. You in the back, hold a gun to that guy's head. Nice. I'll add blush in post.

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3 points

Things are about to get serious

Preview 75614e35 492b 4c49 b7a5 63297fe9ed9c
5 points

The truth has been spoken

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