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Powerful sign we can all get behind

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104 points

Cold call scammers get a taste of their own medicine..


Overdue rent prank on housemate!!

53 points

When your prof is feeling savage

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107 points

My dad caught this candid of me during a volleyball tournament in 9th grade... in my defense, I had the flu that day. I blame all the DayQuil.

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Campus Petitioners


Savage Girlfriend Prank

22 points

College fam smh... (copied)

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72 points

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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140 points

Apparently balls for heads is what's in right now

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Studio at 'The Brain' in Seattle, Washington

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61 points

Just Greek things

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HLS Library

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55 points

Guy Gets Pissed Off At A Pigeon


When your mom is f*****g a printer

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95 points

A sign outside of a Church

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104 points

He still got a hit.

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Advantage of being tall

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71 points

Sign at local church

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114 points

Elevator Speed Dating

17 points

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