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The mayfly hatch in central Wisconsin

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14 points

Rainy streets

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7 points

May I present you: Pepachu

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6 points

Looking down at Times Square

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World's Largest Building Planned for NYC, I may have made one tiny change to the 2nd pic

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4 points

James Kingston at it again


Green Balconies...

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222 points

Modern architecture was a mistake.

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186 points

Glasgow seagulls take no prisoners

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3 points

Saw this in the street and had to do it.

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2 points

Maybe an overreaction

Preview 1d62bc17 a826 4fe6 97e8 9e0a2bd8ba70
0 points

I upgraded this post

Preview 242a3354 268f 4d02 b915 42df11b29027
2 points

This building looks like a PS4

Preview 92eefe34 216b 4ed8 8825 ae92776ef783
127 points

Best place to put a door

Preview d7f7fb50 f5b5 4a01 bf85 e13889a037cd
168 points

When you are late and you see that bus already left!

Preview ff12e23f f7ec 42fd aada 36208996fca6
122 points

Engineering at its finest (Brasilia - Brazil)

Preview 9072fcda db67 4e60 a7dd 2b7262845021
208 points

I love my hometown :-)

Preview c8f13272 bb80 4636 99e4 9a55094a3594
163 points

Should I press it?

Preview 09076c3b 8856 4bbe 9cb3 a7c2c7dcf716
105 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

Preview 0827ad79 e295 4b18 8fbe 49352aa4b5ad
189 points

These 23 photos probably make you feel a bit uncomfortable

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