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Duck holding up traffic in Reykjavik

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HK 360°

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Sweaty at the age of 5

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Walked past this scene the other day. Some shit was definitely going down...

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Shaped for sitting, but the worst place for your phone to fall out of your pocket

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it's super effective!

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photo taken from 33rd floor, no safety-anything. but it is ok, they were probably wearing saftely-flipp-flops.

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#tb to when I climbed an awesome 40 storey crane in east London.

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Finding a park in London can be hard

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Split second snapshot

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This is a brick outside the main building on my campus

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The library of the faculty of law of the University of Zurich

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At least the beam is solid

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Above Times Square- New York, NY

Preview a9b9ceae 769d 4b39 a6bd 4e830352bad3

Great piece of art in my city

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BW Architects re-design an 1840′s Greenwich village townhouse in NYC

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Toronto financial district just after dusk, looking down

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The most expensive home in Switzerland has the underground lake

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Penthouse solarium in San Francisco

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