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Amsterdam's Red Light District is home to some beautiful old canals and ancient taverns. Skip the hookers, explore the scenery!

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15 points

Staple City

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10 points

City Library in Stuttgart looking like a chamber of awesomeness

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15 points

The coolest image ive seen!does someone know how to take a picture like that?

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12 points

This used to be the I-45 freeway in Houston until Hurricane Harvey came along

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10 points

Possible phone wallpaper #127

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11 points

Thousands up in the air

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This building looks 2D

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14 points

When people complain about being unlucky...and this happens

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17 points

Today someone decided to make an illegal u turn at the worst possible time

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12 points

I had to do a double take

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7 points

Interior of skyscraper being built

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16 points

Morning sun under the Öresund bridge

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13 points

I was at work and saw this car pulling a tiny version of itself.

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14 points

Eh it will be ok.

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16 points

Putin' a street art.

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17 points

A Nokia snake approaches

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5 points

THIS WAS SO SKETCHY!! -- James Kingston in Hong Kong


Today in Caracas/Venezuela. And yes that's people escaping in the river

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3 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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