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The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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11 points

Sagrada Família Roman Catholic Church, Barcelona, Spain

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10 points

Cargo Trailer Robbery in Broad daylight

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16 points

My firefighter buddy took this shot from the bottom of a fire truck ladder.

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12 points

Glass floor in the Tokyo Skytree

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Happy Shark Week! July 23rd - 30th

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52 points

Japanese alley

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15 points

Departing train long exposure

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5 points

Departing train long exposure

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14 points

Pole turned into UFO kidnapping cow.

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14 points

In the Nightly Tokyo Spotlight

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13 points

Long exposure of train leaving the station

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8 points

Watch out! Art is highly addictive

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74 points

In a rush to get to the playground, he might have forgotten about the ice.

Preview 12b63d86 804d 4879 8b87 43f288537103

Batman street art illusion by Julian Beever

Preview 5f769e1b 4d20 4c10 ab45 3a210c5143d2
51 points

Just a regular door in Valparaíso, Chile

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9 points

Russian guy fixing his air conditioning.

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The mayfly hatch in central Wisconsin

Preview 34c32a76 e90c 4890 9f3a a8b8e2834198
91 points

Rainy streets

Preview da0e63e5 953a 4324 9659 78faa78c6665
59 points

James Kingston - Nightclimb 1 - I found a sleeping crane driver.


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