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I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

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16 points

Zagreb, Croatia

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Syon conservatory, North London.

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19 points

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

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85 points

The reflection makes it look like there is a car on the balcony

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78 points

By far my favorite photo I've taken of the Golden Gate bridge.

Preview faaee775 52ee 4aa8 a644 42ec1814e473
23 points

This flying saucer

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My view using the help of a 130T Grove with Full Fly

Preview d2f9bcc3 bd27 45b8 b313 011d0ab0a6df

When that one tenant fights to stop her one apartment from being demolished...

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15 points

New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge

Preview 6e2e3a62 80bc 48c8 a55c 0e45b19a3277
21 points

60 Years......

Preview b484451b f6db 4145 b0b9 085ba7756ff6
91 points

A fire erupted on a warehouse in Dominican Republic. Yes, that's a Compressed Natural Gas station, a few meters from it!

Preview bfcb44c6 cda2 491a b221 7e897e9a1576
20 points

This waiting room in a New York hotel

Preview 08abe0ab 4146 483b a6c1 a26ff2c38d47
22 points

love thy neighbour..., but no too much

Preview b029d6f6 414d 480b a6bc 2ab877ab1200
23 points

View From Appartment in Miami

Preview 9ddbbaef 01a0 4c99 9f33 04e8c99fd13e
21 points

Apple Campus Russia version

Preview cb1a7b9b c26a 4231 a65e 77db16045405

A Seattle Ironworker, 1980.

Preview e6476cff 15de 49f6 a35a 8cf0db550eb8
20 points

The Chicago Air and Water Show is much better from my cousin's apartment

Preview ca823915 e7d8 4790 b5b6 6b7b326f1aac
22 points

Artwork that moves me (not mine)

Preview 1e611922 fe9b 4b3d 90c8 3c919fbb5a06
17 points

Tent city - Hajj 2017 - Mecca, Saudia Arabia

Preview 11fa479f 36e2 4a68 8f81 3f622e273aae
14 points

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