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I did dis

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111 points

Mum said no

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45 points

This guy spent months courting my wife for a 3-way. We had our first meet up scheduled later that week.

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Taco Bell 🌮

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67 points

Thanks r/ULPT!

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47 points


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78 points

Take the cat to the vet you moron.

Preview ba9b07ad b14e 48ac 89da 76c73fb3d2b0
71 points

Woman Shuts Down Sexting Like A Champ By Making Role Play A Little Too Real

Preview 45fca9bc fbdc 431a be69 a4aaa5099834
65 points

Just a bloke thing

Preview 1e4772dc 5dec 450a 93e9 4d5d891cc5e3
60 points

Found at the nearest pornhub video

Preview 8f4bb710 0359 4dce 939f 239e7a562b29
97 points

Good Bye lamp...

Preview 386fee0e 24e2 4de4 8bc6 7c20b22ed45b
96 points

Spaghetti and meatballs

Preview 744d9fea c0b1 4ee0 b678 9d7c456d31c3
83 points

Satan's Sacraficial Waterfall...

Preview 82149ff0 f750 462c ab72 d2d20ab310b0
115 points

Brexit everybody!

Preview becf7787 9dc0 44b2 8f70 7007fe720754

I knew it !

Preview e0191ada 9980 4d8e 8088 9e101544758e
85 points

X-post r/DankMemes

Preview d7539aab ab00 4272 b3ee 2baa432f5e1b

Struggling with your feelings?

Preview 074e110a ed16 41a3 96c1 0b214ae72a2f

Modern etiquette is often lacking...

Preview 753c5d70 fbc8 4527 b9be 35f7a77309ed
71 points

When your cellular data shoots your shot for you

Preview 698861a7 f492 4e22 8818 b754a3d9d049
112 points

Good reason

Preview 15ad9736 a8c3 4a5f b6bc e5a60f65b451
65 points

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