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Good Bye lamp...

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86 points

Spaghetti and meatballs

Preview 744d9fea c0b1 4ee0 b678 9d7c456d31c3
72 points

Satan's Sacraficial Waterfall...

Preview 82149ff0 f750 462c ab72 d2d20ab310b0
106 points

Brexit everybody!

Preview becf7787 9dc0 44b2 8f70 7007fe720754

I knew it !

Preview e0191ada 9980 4d8e 8088 9e101544758e
21 points

X-post r/DankMemes

Preview d7539aab ab00 4272 b3ee 2baa432f5e1b

Struggling with your feelings?

Preview 074e110a ed16 41a3 96c1 0b214ae72a2f

Modern etiquette is often lacking...

Preview 753c5d70 fbc8 4527 b9be 35f7a77309ed
18 points

When your cellular data shoots your shot for you

Preview 698861a7 f492 4e22 8818 b754a3d9d049
106 points

Good reason

Preview 15ad9736 a8c3 4a5f b6bc e5a60f65b451
21 points

'Oops': This father accidentally told her own daughter he was cheating on her mother

Preview 5c2abbc7 d0c5 462c b12f ffd7f422e6ed

Wrong Number.

Preview 9f308090 4e10 413e bc1d 604c3667f2dd
105 points

You can't beat logic

Preview 678c4889 4e29 4c9e 8784 809faed318e6
2 points

Family drama: This niece was willing to bargain when she found out her uncle was cheating

Preview a68a924c cfd6 4eb0 aabe 7691d555dc92


Preview 08590d24 dad2 4d9f 923e 9fd31201b077
23 points

In college, this is pretty standard

Preview 724d5a36 832c 436f a338 136571d0cf75
20 points

Busted! Toe-curling texts of cheaters and their partners

Preview cd780635 a5c4 482e 909c 109f804f8e1f

When you had enough of being in the friend zone.

Preview b871941a 9510 4612 b505 4bd502a64ada
4 points

Advertising done right

Preview 4f285a3d 3640 4e5d 9ee9 6feacfad5ace
1 points

Hopefully, the dress code isn't suit and thai.

Preview 7c18947d b80e 48c1 ada0 a787f431522e
2 points

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