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A radical concept.. Bali 2017

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73 points

Family photos by the sea...

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45 points

A friend got engaged and it looks like she’s wearing a hat

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Boys and Girls

Preview 55760a06 9d3a 4b45 bd41 eb095f36e21f
76 points

Who else want to live here?

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20 points

The moment just before impact.

Preview ce1b2a05 2a06 49bb bc5f 080816ee9b29

Oh Boi

Preview 41870657 323b 419f 9bbc 0084054f0588
19 points

This Rocket In Grand Theft Auto V

Preview 2b8605b1 e191 4a6c 8446 f7d1cf531675

Yep. That's a butt

Preview 0cad7757 06d5 481d bb1e 929a88ead466
86 points

I asked if I could take their picture but should've known they wouldn't just smile for the camera.

Preview 4776f5d9 c61a 4485 816a f9095024ea00

My failed attempt at a jump pose has me looking like having a seizure.

Preview 3787f041 1abf 4d7d ac73 4e3a69d52616

This dog trying to catch the ball

Preview 08a47012 fd85 4ae8 9475 1b32d3362ae6

This Guy Laid On The Sand For 20 Mins Waiting For The Crab To Emerge For The Perfect Shot

Preview 1bb9f769 faac 4d28 bf46 88a8ec3c8f70
67 points

The calm before the cannonball

Preview f8b41913 8f71 42df 8802 6a7fe5591fe5

My lady friend wanted a piggy back picture on the beach and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.

Preview 7134af5f bf36 498d 82e1 aee6fdfcddc3
70 points

Yeaaaa sounds just about right

Preview 48b25314 2f2d 41e6 80ec 7b952ef913e4
88 points

Woman before she realizes she is falling

Preview a2f1aeb0 a1c6 44cf a9e6 f6827bf7fa95
240 points

Lets us cross or we will throw the kids into the sea.

Preview 632a2490 2bd4 45c7 ba97 2e60e406d13d
82 points

The car tires make the sand spin

Preview 03af8a16 38b3 475f adbc a36342eaa767

Halloween Costumes

Preview 30e1543b d09e 4213 9b1a 8c963e265a22

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