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Who knew that yoga could be terrifying?

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Aiea Ridge Trail, Oahu Hawaii

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Fissure made by earthquake in my country (Mexico)

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Northwest fires perspective: Same day - Glacier National Park at 11am and 4pm

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59 points

This one rock in particular.

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71 points

The sky is falling

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Don’t know if this belongs here, but sitting on a cliff at the Grand Canyon!

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Road trip night sight during midnight sun season. (Lofoten, Norway)

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Sheep blocking the trail

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Take a picture on the edge of the cliff with a self timer.

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Just came back from Norway. What an epic country.

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The swiss alps

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Taking a Break

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"Geirangerfjorden" in Norway people :) and it's not fake! :)

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This squirrel popped up quickly and posed for me at the Grand Canyon

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106 points

The Dolomites in Italy

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65 points

Went camping with some friends and feel blessed that I can live in such a beautiful country.

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Hotel room view, Val di Funes, Italy

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39 points

Geirangerfjorden, Norway

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Lake District, Cumbria, England!

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