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"Shit's about to go down"

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50 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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73 points

Who knew

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70 points

I parked next to Harrison Ford today!

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98 points

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

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68 points

Drove like that for about 2 miles so the other car couldn't pass

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69 points

Those must be some damn good tamales.

Preview d65c367b f0c0 4a4b 924e 99562285b818
55 points

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

Preview a9acd9d5 36cd 40d2 9a93 f01fcbb72aa4
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103 points

Umm.. interesting marketing strategy for new juice bar on South Lake

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97 points

Registered VW van from Slovenia with inside mattress and stickers on both sides.

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89 points

Which one will you choose??

Preview 94bfec4b f274 4a40 9777 9ef219f07dc0
89 points

There's a third option besides burial and cremation

Preview 670a5512 2331 442a bf91 248dcd7de6a8
78 points

In an alternate Dimension

Preview 6ff209f9 1a3a 43d4 bd6e 704b7fba5c53
70 points

Hunters and masterminds, assemble !

Preview 21d68645 9559 4cc4 8c12 0ddb60b7f8e0
24 points

How sad

Preview c3c41b2b e953 430e a981 59aae6697a4d
49 points

This sign in Florida is great

Preview 081896ba 4d7d 4417 88be aaba51107742
49 points

Good question Marty.

Preview f533b207 996a 4863 ae85 081e13d5e6cb
82 points

"Hi Reddit, I’m a big truck - "

Preview 84320a31 30d0 4dbd 83e9 9b4b842c1b78
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