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If I fits, I sits?

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97 points

Fuck this tree in particular

Preview 615f80a1 3a99 4a91 943b b0c252f1fab3

Monkey plot plant

Preview 0be865c2 f95a 4600 aad5 8ca506606faf
143 points

The best proof of the flat earth so far

Preview 0b8156b8 5132 46cc a844 7b0b4cadab03
124 points

Before and after Sautéing spinach

Preview fe19b000 6dda 428d 94b5 ca1cbc7ea286
93 points

The new fashion for Scottish stags

Preview 0b366783 203c 4f17 adfc 2e4f1e0557ac
91 points

They’re in there... somewhere.

Preview 2b85c4e9 104a 48e2 b16a f26f81c71a77
131 points

Living room with view, Capri, Italy.

Preview f9fe89f8 9f68 4f9b 94cb c4f9c992c383
51 points

Sorry my state is years behind......

Preview efd4d14f 9b0d 42e2 84c5 b38e8fc86076
87 points

I saw a shirtless man cutting another guy's hair in the park today.

Preview cac07027 11f0 4efe 8c41 994edda712a4
126 points

Hurricane Maria drove this board right through a palm tree by the beach in Puerto Rico

Preview 0469d26a ede4 414c a252 32ba6c10e1f1
112 points

Snapped this one during a skateboard ride down to the beach

Preview e22af6a5 2978 4aa5 9dbf cf6793ab31b2
112 points

Walked into the toilets to take a piss and what do I find?

Preview 6fcd3400 f9c9 458b a079 4f188181b400
83 points

The Blue Unibird

Preview 0f935f24 bd86 44fa adf6 30de0ea625bd
104 points

Just walked outside my apartment to find 8 dead birds laying about

Preview 9076ffba 1e8c 48b0 a658 d3c4a84fb77a
110 points

Recent flood waters left a calf hanging in a tree

Preview 8ab6edb9 5e7d 458c 8c07 6edb9df582d9
103 points

Peacefully having breakfast when something comes crashing through the trees and lands next to where I'm sitting.

Preview 31e84e2a f476 4b80 a073 c43f25f7ceed
108 points

All the other spots were taken, so that last seagull had to get creative.

Preview 9125f7df 1f8c 43c2 a5a1 e94fc0b5dcf7

Beauty about to be destroyed

Preview efba6eb2 64e3 47f4 abf6 3156831c473b

Husband took the picture just as the butterfly took off towards him. Result, GIANT butterfly!

Preview a57edf3e 6f73 4b05 ae71 18fca6f874d5

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