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In case you wondered

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157 points

Come on over

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234 points


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96 points

So relatable (sorry for the cancer)

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72 points

Careful what you ask for

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157 points

I always hated my long lasting phone battery...good thing there is this app!!

Preview d8fe5cee bbe4 4132 b7ad 0c5e17a9bd08
161 points

Well played...

Preview d10e17b7 322c 4b44 b543 d4c541898a5c
146 points

Ooohhhh I hope it doesn't explode

Preview 8d193657 70b9 4652 b448 cbdbccf4be1a
135 points

My friends say I'm great at picking up chicks.

Preview d5a69b3b 1c93 41bf 8776 e2694c43b6ab
132 points

Beat It Like It Owes You Money

Click to open
118 points

If u have a hacker mind..

Preview 250bd8df b845 483d 8d20 2e6c12914697
139 points

At a job interview

Preview 99955def 413d 40f9 a5a4 ae003552aaad
186 points

How 16 Successful Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

Preview d4a283bd d08a 4f92 a35f 87d06fb57682
113 points

I miss Futurama. :(

Preview 448c6db1 7e9e 412f 99b4 c356cdf46f9c
93 points

Fixed It

Preview 8d9ff8a4 9528 4ebb aae4 f6b70e936236
209 points

With great power, comes great pussibilities.

Preview fad5ef2d 8e68 4469 b930 40b51c83732a
104 points
Preview ddf6da7d 864f 4326 bd5a 8a64210e6985
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Preview 65f1e8a8 70bc 411c a37a 6bcbe1ae0572
89 points

And tesla solar roof for infinity energy

Preview 7c283e4a 34ce 4c5e a8d5 a5f7ca1af36a
174 points

This game was decided long ago..

Preview da765d3d 8264 4d82 838a 359357991a7f

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