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Always be prepared!

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131 points

When you give up Smurf Hunting

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192 points

I'm sure you really want to eat that. Jerk.

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Group talk motivation

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122 points

Poor Kid.

Preview 3f78d334 deeb 4511 9ddd f82c91e368ca
166 points

When you use testosterone as fertilizer

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76 points

Before and after Sautéing spinach

Preview fe19b000 6dda 428d 94b5 ca1cbc7ea286
105 points

Transformation Tuesday...

Preview 4ef2759b 44e7 41ec 9505 67f5c522dd4e
100 points

You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about

Preview 2b51e2d7 fe8e 4d88 84f7 6fa9748a18b5
191 points


Preview 040fb37f 7b38 44ba afd1 75ccc56678b7
106 points

Took a picture of some cooking bacon right when the grease popped

Preview 85d4c72e 880c 47e2 beba 8db78d3162db
104 points

An interesting choice of dishes.

Preview 31c3965f 878c 47e1 9733 57036b1f2867
103 points

Car through the trees

Preview 52929c96 4cd3 4fae 8bb4 4cfe27407601

“Real smooth guys. Real smooth”

Preview e40596cc a1d6 40bf a71c fbdfec49623d
86 points

Brinjal man

Preview 0d9529aa 7d74 4982 ac24 b503e9a198f8
95 points


Preview bced2496 9829 4e63 a607 4f7ee6cea225
139 points

Low carb and gluten free salad!

Preview c9c21a5a 3d67 4557 95a2 b29cbb5e3f38
88 points

next level tongue game

Preview 68e76427 1e44 4adc bca9 45b1fb3bf8f7
162 points

Everyday we stray further from God's light.

Preview 8027c6b0 8758 4935 b679 0f51fdb1296a
178 points

Deep fried axolotl

Preview f62abc5e 5f45 4357 8137 df7056cb038a
198 points

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