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This is what you get when you ask for a hamburger in Italy.

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52 points

Me in the winyter vs me in the summer

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78 points


Preview e913b75d 91c8 4533 b6ed 882540719a01
23 points

This baby carrot...

Preview 600603b5 a3ef 4338 9907 9a69eb213015
35 points

Don't do meth, kids

Preview 06079613 b2d2 47fb 9121 b12e802ba661
42 points

Saw this jack o lantern on the way home today

Preview 62662173 3035 470f ae02 d0400b94d13f

The dragon pumpkin :)

Preview 401d3960 86ba 43b3 9a23 99e3c7a26974
19 points

That's some expensive Lacoste Bread!

Preview b6493626 71e1 48c9 be4b 4e647f3948db
66 points

Missing engagement ring found on garden carrot 13 years later

Preview 2d16f6c5 f5ca 475b 80e4 86d8237f602e
44 points

Originally from r/insanepeopleoffacebook

Preview c8dd634f ca98 4353 b6df e3e932da738c
24 points

Told them it was art...

Preview a9863f1e 26b6 4496 bad8 d8fba05e5a22
16 points

Milk Steak

Preview 4c4c4c0d 8630 4932 ae2a d10a07863862
73 points

Cellphone Found in Salad From Chili's

Preview 6b93d05c 02fd 441a acb5 6ecf429235af
24 points

Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Carrot

Preview a039176a 7796 4a81 9d7d 68ae6f66e38f
87 points

Just carrots taking a bath...

Preview 0f05e578 e569 44ce bed1 3756286ed8ab
75 points

Me in the Winter vs me in the Summer

Preview b33f36d4 bc95 4a3a 909b b25f4fa38bf7
23 points

Irish porn be like

Preview 5aa6da3a 74b9 43e4 83ec adc6ced34ae9
21 points

Smells like pumpkin spice.

Preview 7376b098 8976 4c9f a2fc b39998bcca8c
19 points

My fiance and I made pumpkins like one we saw on here, but they've started to rot. Now our pumpkins look like a couple of crazy meth heads.

Preview ee949809 20d8 4d80 88c6 329c5e1c95e6
47 points

The pepper display at my grocer

Preview 05e55f67 bb30 4fde b990 1dab98627b12
36 points

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