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Why not

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Bullet Train in Rio de Janeiro

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5 points

Caught Marty and Doc on the highway today. What a time to come back to

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9 points

Scrap metal Chameleon

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6 points

Saw this at my local theatre during the It premiere

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7 points

These guys dropped an engine on a four-lane road. This was their retrieval plan.

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7 points

Friendship goals

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10 points

Existential crisis in 3...2..1

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11 points

Found a girl on a train reading 'The Girl On the Train'

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13 points

The coyote is a survivor

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11 points

Dentist's new car .

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15 points

Two first responders at my gym climbing 1,980 steps to equal the total number of steps that were in the Twin Towers.

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21 points

Daily dose of classics

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15 points

9 month later

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15 points

Interesting flyer

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15 points

Passive aggressive hearse

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Plane from the Consumer Electronic Show had so many electronics on it that it created a digital aurora on the flight.

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10 points

I said to my wife, Korean air looks like the Pepsi symbol when all of a sudden

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