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The perfect car carpet doesn't ex....

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4 points

Canadian Tire ice-truck

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7 points

Today I watched the sun rise at the South Pole.

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7 points

This was Nissan's idea of their future cars in 1983.

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16 points

Free Wi-Fi!

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14 points


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11 points

I'm sure someone is already writing one.

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20 points

Scottsdale's finest ride

Preview 4bd0bc03 7036 4932 984e cd0d817c0388
12 points

Got chewed out by my mom because I'm a pot head and she found my "pipe"

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21 points

Cat mechanic

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10 points

This RV burning. Pic taken 20mins ago

Preview b963d209 166e 485e bc35 5229199e6adb
16 points


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17 points

Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands

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17 points

Texas Department of Public Safety.

Preview 92f37350 32d5 4219 8dad 433e7bb4ee2c
18 points


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21 points

I need to live in a nicer neighborhood

Preview e9de065a c62f 4498 b2fc da0a9b64190e
20 points

This driver on the highway, I5

Preview 7d0cf020 6c55 4cb1 b5bb 30213573c545
14 points

Uploading a second world war photography everyday #39 German Sturmgeschutz column

Preview 8b570736 3f40 4b61 817a 70591883c147
16 points

Somebody explain this...

Preview e2dcb878 9550 4eac a071 6cd105c990f7
15 points

Another day at work

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