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19 points

A truck just rolled into our garage with this...

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14 points

WTF car in the parking lot

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94 points

Just a sleeping dog on the trunk of a moving car.

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64 points

Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto

Preview b9f1273d 5b57 48dd 988e 80953136a843
94 points

Avengers 4 leaked scene.

Preview d42eb4ba 7f9f 4fb7 9622 26456c9e58b9
93 points

I thought i'd seen it all on the road,but WTF

Preview 7316e859 c7d4 4cba acc4 1471744ae15b
109 points

Pray for rambo.

Preview 605d9d04 1c40 42e1 b071 5b17fff095a3
105 points

A Smoking Caveman Forcing an Elephant to Eat Shit

Preview d62ab597 d1e6 4ba8 b282 e669d9f2d164
109 points

No Kids

Preview 4b45c567 b734 447c bb9b 09068122af3a
58 points

Goddamnit Linda

Preview 601be718 f6fa 4557 98d5 b5e646eaa7b3
83 points


Preview 3c938ba9 a4e4 4d01 a59e ac5a3fe14f02
90 points

The Aftermath of Cinco de Mayo: Driver Didn’t Notice She Parked On Roomie’s Harley.

Preview 5b591878 bb2c 451b af3d e396602e1cc7
87 points

When You Have No Kids

Preview 428d868e c89b 440b ac17 f91d5933f1de
64 points

Just a woman on a public bus smoking heroin off of tinfoil..

Preview fd484dea 9284 4f5c b83f 13f7ced59746
95 points

Might be my only talent.

Preview 60f75ff8 e7cb 434c 8d92 046821734a22
80 points

Curse You, Dinkleberg!!

Preview 89b7c0bf 2075 4d61 b76f ea17875960f5
85 points

God damn it, I hate it when that happens

Preview ddc4b4e0 bb47 4a70 b5bd 637a6e0116e3
75 points

Child hanging out

Preview dffbea11 713b 4e92 b633 7bdc66b48d25
72 points

perspective is everything

Preview 91a01d66 ae37 4db4 b390 6c79e92647fc

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