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People going crazy with their 1.000.000 dollar houses and I just want something like this

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189 points

I think its time to buy a shotgun.

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112 points

A google car and a bing car passed each other while recording

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148 points

Doggo wants to know

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184 points

Something is wrong here

Preview 562e5162 4162 4c60 ab68 46ba1d2eb561
172 points

I'd eat there

Preview 8d48ab1f 017e 42f1 a36c bc9be6979024
162 points

I accidentally sharted in Cancun billboard

Preview fa532167 5183 42ff 914b bfe323522469
181 points


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184 points

Researching affordable campers, and this beauty pops up.

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149 points

Nature is awesome

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114 points


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163 points

Relationship goals

Preview de518743 95e5 4ab2 8000 ed36a9b649ff
174 points

This huge effort in transporting a Bobbycar

Preview d89cf2e7 91fe 4afe accf 9e11c0877d02
170 points

Japanese Air Force

Preview 21e98797 d3ea 45bc 9603 5543d9698e9b
156 points

My Cabbages

Preview 071c8954 8c09 4381 927e e2194f57b257
99 points


Preview decbb6fd d516 45d2 a313 972ccf21d759
104 points

Nailed it. Argh... screw it

Preview 1fb19d67 a35a 4ec7 888b 7901a82c81bf
123 points

M4 Shermans and M16s where the best

Preview ea2e3cf2 a856 4fcb b642 65450367d0e9
115 points


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101 points

So this just happened

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