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Wonder when he realized

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67 points

The shit you see driving around Washington D.C.

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55 points

Driving along the motorway and get overtaken by...

Preview db1943b5 8944 4363 9257 e1623e2f1855
82 points

How To Stay Relaxed in Traffic

Preview e53f6efb 56d3 4d09 ab1e 9b70bca1911e
57 points

When the car next to you has better snacks.

Preview 8cf60284 a9b6 4f33 9982 075e24b6493d
62 points

the exact moment i ate the last chicken nugget

Preview 591d557d 491e 4b38 8bdd 5a2d9c601244

Automotive security system

Preview d65ecd48 5f2b 42e0 956d 48ddecd06a88
16 points

Stop kicking the seat human

Preview 2295a26b a395 4458 a25e 2ed70fc5946b
50 points

Heading your way Houston

Preview 8f704d8d 027a 418b afac 17250eac3e69
54 points

Haa look at me, I'm the seatbelt now

Preview 56ecac1f 5138 45ec 88ff 2cdef0be3266
99 points

Me taking a photo of a guy filming a guy filming the take off

Preview aa007b56 5aa4 4253 a24a 7d6abf97e82a
23 points


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24 points

So this is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own

Preview 0ef62d63 14a4 428e bb9b 8095d6d32d0a
103 points

Hope she is on a UN flight

Preview 6a72bfbc 1bae 4bf2 8643 45f0e575301e
331 points

This n*gga is chill

Preview b613b737 6446 454a 9d86 a550cd57f99c
41 points

People who do this should be put on a no fly list

Preview 855b6d10 5bbd 4adb 99b1 15d67a6fcab1
21 points

Saddest man on earth in the subway

Preview 767c1a23 f458 4ea6 812d 0f074c4928ef
90 points


Preview 441ea341 e901 4a91 916d 0984499e9203
19 points

Headphones are so overrated.

Preview fdea4f09 64a3 4b82 bf7a ef4d9aefb7f6
45 points

Today I flew on the set of a nightmare.

Preview 12fe1009 3360 4984 a685 fa039db51b20
52 points

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