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My friend was the MC for his sisters wedding. He forgot he put the microphone in his pocket.

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118 points

Don't hate the player, hate the game

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133 points


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89 points

Savage af!

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94 points

Breath analysis in Nepal

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89 points

I thought she looked familiar too.

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163 points

Wife works at a permanent foster home. Found this in the work van.

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65 points

photography expert

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88 points

A fireman helping after the earthquake in Mexico.

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101 points

Very nsfw

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287 points

Beautiful asian girl on horseback

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2,285 points


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Enough internet for today!

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96 points

And then maybe blow him... UP!

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94 points

Fuerza mi México #PrayForMexico

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218 points

Damm this iPhone faceID lock.

Preview da2a9f5b e737 48a0 88e9 7eb044c2eb4a
96 points

Taken at the right time... Bomberman helping after Mexico earthquake.

Preview 1606029a 0a38 49ce 89a3 e2cbdf7d8b11
122 points

Had to be done

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101 points

The new toy story looks amazing

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