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Sorry m'ladies

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118 points

Too late!

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116 points

I’m no theologian, but that seems suspicious.

Preview 42df6fb6 a24b 404c b064 268405ee7f70
114 points

Reddit needs more Frasier

Preview 3f92b66e e23a 4c33 a3cb 4728ba9be262
103 points

Why lord of the rings fights scenes always seemed so realistic

Preview 30b13b80 290c 4f12 8b57 60e0957f1d64
109 points

Getting caught

Preview 0102cc4e 2a7f 4dd3 914c 9cd5a8efafcb
152 points

My apologies

Preview e823030b 2468 4da8 ab1a 1c14f065ac12
89 points

It's funny... because it's true

Preview 40b9725c c026 43b4 bfef 25eb76b33c4d
116 points

Ready to go back to school now.

Preview 9da612e7 ddd5 4e93 88c3 811aae46a7d3
132 points

Worst super hero ever

Preview 2fdf01b6 451c 43ef 9e84 b10b7cafd484
116 points

Elevator in Mike Tyson's house.

Preview 351da6e0 9c4e 4817 a68c 2867021859e6
93 points

Is there life after death?

Preview f69d8a18 969a 41fd 8f4b ca6b29c3cadd
113 points

I feel like Wolverine every morning...

Preview 68b3c9e8 d251 41af 8ce3 4d92cf8f9d91
103 points

A good question

Preview 060d8726 7e7c 49c3 9779 3b37f52668e7
63 points

And the bullet goes to...

Preview 7c61d920 5bfe 4177 847e 6c30d36f65bd
120 points

I can't stop laughing at this grave stone

Preview bf3cdb52 20cf 4a4e 9f85 38ebfcdf04c7
99 points

Me at work most mornings

Preview 8b50a606 281e 4a85 b6b8 4519556efd52
109 points

When face swap goes horribly right.

Preview 077871fe 2bab 4779 a328 a6c36d99f165
121 points

Voldemort is weak as fuck

Preview 788b7fe1 5571 43e7 b963 d2c8cc3dd41b
83 points

Jusr hide let your team die first.

Preview bab62535 72a9 43dd 8da9 eac9866a58f7

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