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This gas station bathroom sink is knee high. I am only 6'

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118 points

Defying Gravity

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When you find a termite in your chopsticks

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106 points

Google review of the Chernobyl sarcophagus

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101 points

Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat tonight...

Preview c39a2d3c bae6 40fd bf31 02a58646660e
99 points

Someone boonking your herb + 95%

Preview f276f8f3 6d51 46b4 ae9c e9295571fa0c
106 points

Free-standing tub looks out on to a private courtyard in this home located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Preview 666e57f7 b9a0 45c4 b656 17c35261d95d
60 points

Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

Preview eb326633 0ecc 43f3 95db 44ffc24714d5
82 points

I bet the teeth don't look that much better

Preview 582950e4 f397 4fe4 8573 66a877d6e047
78 points

Bat Soup

Preview b97c07a0 19dd 4c53 bedb bfee52d64f04
87 points

This is what happens when you leave your BF alone for 5 mins...

Preview 006ef720 aa5f 4f9d 9b79 238bb14bcca8
42 points

Employee bathroom at Amazon

Preview 169f5e14 3167 4aff 9342 401af92f00a3
108 points

A good sense of humor

Preview ab761478 df99 425d a797 9d715484c336
95 points

Renovated kitchen in Seattle

Preview 0b58f26f df5e 4fc4 9739 8ad139de04c7
86 points

A road near my house collapsed this morning, causing a giant landslide.

Preview 35a4501b 39f8 45d2 8508 4d97dd89e95c
70 points

My graceful wife...

Preview 7298e322 f122 4f27 b93e 4be420ee63e6
117 points

every time the weather starts to warm up those fraps start lookin goooood

Preview ff779b49 f1aa 4bdc a1aa 41d819f04e71
94 points

My graceful wife...

Preview acad34e0 268c 4700 b315 16b7d533452a
104 points

The instructions for this new dog shampoo

Preview 8731db98 8917 4d4d 9053 9e95549684bf
99 points

The shape of Maryland makes for a shitty cutting board.

Preview 215ad8b9 64eb 4bcb a292 913c57aa2c70
111 points

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