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Delaying the inevitable

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Thanks, Dad! You lay on Cat Grass, right?

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3d printed door stopper at my school

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126 points

Bad timing hippos

Preview 3017de05 f674 430d b173 a9305c91b20e
103 points

Curved kitchen island cabinets in a residence with glass walls on a sloping bank overlooking Delaware River, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Preview be196191 668d 4db9 96b9 1f83c13cd6c9
85 points

Mother of Pizzas

Preview 1c6ed11e 7b9e 4a06 83d9 b371d4b7a7df
95 points

Close enough

Preview abfc0aa8 2321 4a63 9320 4538f0eff515
118 points

You wouldn't want to drive there

Preview 31dbfacb 4418 435f bdf5 fda58dd3ec03
111 points

The top of the coaster... Pleasure Island abandoned theme park

Preview e83f67db b372 4468 9520 df6c7fe10b94

Don’t do it man...

Preview c5934763 9ecc 4dea a78c caf7e30a5717
79 points

My daughter kicking "stones" at the beach

Preview 2a7a1e07 d96f 400d 9250 0335f9045dff

Indoor-outdoor bathing area with an amazing view of the surrounding bay in this home on Lopez Island, Washington.

Preview 856a2a58 8009 4f38 9f4c 201117730385
111 points

This gas station bathroom sink is knee high. I am only 6'

Preview baea03e5 2020 47c2 a735 2c43f3405712
131 points

Defying Gravity

Preview 906f2beb d297 45ae 8091 85a06e86bc4f
117 points

When you find a termite in your chopsticks

Preview 46f3448a 81c7 4bc3 b430 715d8c328868
172 points

Google review of the Chernobyl sarcophagus

Preview b6476a05 4ec2 4ddb b330 fd3575806549
110 points

Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat tonight...

Preview c39a2d3c bae6 40fd bf31 02a58646660e
133 points

Someone boonking your herb + 95%

Preview f276f8f3 6d51 46b4 ae9c e9295571fa0c
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