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My boss’s coffee mug

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73 points

Gun Nuts

Preview 1ff297ec 7ce1 4408 b62d ae55dc765017
107 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

Preview ccf781bb f64e 48a7 a3e9 fb276fc15218
23 points

Since frozen critters is a current thing...

Preview 33d5bc73 7eaa 42fe 8cde 31a6ba73cfd7
87 points

Crane grabbed the Moon

Preview f4dc3f44 2eed 43bb 8cb2 c960c71b942e

It’s a-me,

Preview 728c7518 b954 421b 9a6a ce70e432b0df
55 points

My wife left the cat in our bedroom. Someone was not happy about it

Preview de1ada9d 8a10 4a8f 8e52 feb9ffbe1456

I thought my sink was running slow... Not anymore

Preview 8b21e0ef 5485 41e8 9ab2 66a8bdf4fe92
44 points

The monster I pulled from my apartment's shower drain.

Preview 653b6b9e 0564 455d 9cc3 bd60441f47f2
60 points

We need to talk.

Preview 600253ef fec4 4ef7 b008 272e5ecb856c
46 points

Mama Freighter nursing her young

Preview cce87e15 a587 4a4e bcce 90bdbd0077d5
56 points

Ah, the Jehovah Witness final exam.

Preview dc701f03 2b50 4d4f 8c44 419d7458fb21
54 points

I work in a chicken house and this has to be the strangest egg I've ever seen

Preview d4a55ec1 e9fd 4885 b908 091adb617cfa
46 points

I work in a chicken house and this has to be the strangest egg I've ever seen

Preview 9b0f62f5 2d86 4a96 b486 589fcbef6473
62 points

Bathroom in Cap d'Ail, France villa

Preview 091ec74e a3c4 4694 a091 397c334d97e2
47 points

Gravy denied

Preview 956a69d6 0cf8 4717 be2f 63ac744189fe

A deep examination of my inner emotions

Preview f3276687 5913 47dd b6cc 1893479a0ee2
63 points

My friend is as good as dead. Her cat will murder her in her sleep any day now

Preview b7c3c09e 4841 4fab aa66 59869de8301d
70 points

Saw some mom with this at the pediatrician's office and had to find one for myself.

Preview cf9a5863 bfd0 4e86 bf0b a2c404ed91a2
96 points


Preview b2bef570 b8e4 429e 9184 d0139f62da23
73 points

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