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Found my cat drunk af!

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16 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #218 german frigate Bremen and USS Iowa

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18 points

World's first working nuclear power plant started in 1951. It could illuminate four 200 watt light bulbs, making it the first nuclear reacto

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68 points

Antonio Frilli, Florentine sculptor lived in the second half of the nineteenth century and practically unknown in Italy

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76 points

My buddy’s toenail.

Preview b905f80d 1250 4154 a166 93cd99da90d2
16 points

My wifes beer she almost drank

Preview c58c8a1d 52b3 40f6 8be8 339378613aef
66 points

Take my money !

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11 points

Modern bedroom opens onto private pool area through folding glass doors in this home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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13 points

Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.

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17 points


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54 points

Yeah, that's safe

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20 points

There's mold growing in my hair gel

Preview f06d33d9 400a 41af a109 a6d249206568
24 points

No cat will look at you this way when taking a bath ^^

Preview c66f27c3 a858 4d39 9794 ad764f7faaf9
14 points

A can of expaning foam went off and dented my 5mm thick steel sink

Preview a03b1f02 8cc0 46a0 867d d173eeed675d
17 points

I wish I could be happy as this sunflower

Preview d9d28b97 f5e8 4050 aa84 dbb3071830f7
21 points

Bathroom of 92nd floor penthouse in Park Avenue, NY

Preview 3cff8210 f83e 43c5 8ad3 8845b0341eca
20 points

Poor Guy

Preview 9631a067 825b 41e6 ade7 8705bebd738b
62 points

A modest kitchen in this humble Southampton, NY home

Preview 9c046922 2907 40c8 9fac 85bd8294a0b9
14 points

Mouse quietly reading under sidewalk lamp stand

Preview 539f2f54 e3a9 4084 b797 e3fa085d9621
18 points

I need this in my life

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