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First world problems

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51 points

Wind Turbine in my home town snapped in half

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21 points

We did a secret santa and someone got a package of oreos with the creme separated from the cookies

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64 points

Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

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78 points

Me every week.

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57 points

Really hope that’s ketchup...

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15 points

This is what roughly 26,000 mosquitoes looks like.

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14 points

Contrary to popular belief...

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22 points

My dad got this for me, I just realized that I should have posted this a wile ago. There’s also a barf one. The guy at the shop says it’s flavor depends on what you ate.

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16 points

Smiling Gecko

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Uploading a warship picture every day #194 german destroyer Z-39

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18 points

When sailing Tall Ships, you do it because it has to get done

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I asked if I could take their picture but should've known they wouldn't just smile for the camera.

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Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

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17 points

This beer has the best label I've ever seen.

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23 points

(Not Mine)

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67 points

Wife broke her wrist yesterday

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71 points

Remodeled mid-century home in Washington features a vaulted ceiling with an exposed ridge beam and skylights.

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