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Fantasy inspired maps of some European countries

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14 points

Wow.. Indians..

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13 points

Mom spaghetti

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11 points

Spotted in my institution's natural sciences building.

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13 points

Free them puppies!!!

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16 points

In Soviet Russia...

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Happy Mother's Day, courtesy of NYC bathroom stall

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0 points

Saw this hanging somewhere

Preview cfd7da5b 2e04 4621 8a95 5c9398700a52
16 points

Amazing Embroidery by Sheena Liam

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14 points

How to properly deal with non drinkers.

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This painting at the airport in Shreveport, LA.

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0 points

Same time next week

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17 points

Planetarium Watch

Preview ff8a9782 7e49 41a9 93f9 0181bab2d32c
9 points

The book we need

Preview 07a60b08 bca9 4391 aafa 65908d425088
11 points

Son of Odin does not beg for help!

Preview 4c49ca71 2164 4521 b20d cb9f664ba62a
15 points

The best way to exlpain coding.

Preview f70c8520 5152 4238 8d9a d151b853038a
85 points

Good advice just in case

Preview 50027da9 64c0 4a4b b531 21d110da1fcc
14 points

Halloween party??

Preview f8736ab8 a8d1 4865 94bb 12582f2b875b
9 points

23 years ago today he did his last shot

Preview b9414aef 1b82 4d70 a6c5 d29bb5014da5
3 points

How To Survive a Lightning Strike

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14 points

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