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Got this in the mail today

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97 points

Good work olympics. Deustche Demokratische Republik stronk

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89 points


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86 points


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91 points

An ancient Native American mummy discovered in Utah before and after being "restored" with caustic potash in the early 1900s.

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81 points

This is so metal...

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90 points

A 6th grader in my wife's class drew this comic - Lord help me

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81 points

My daughter drew this during a boring class today...

Preview 21301628 b650 4459 a2a9 b5d02fc7eaec
88 points

Always practice safe text.

Preview 51ae072d e9b0 4ca0 93c5 4d2cd77a98a8
86 points

Probably searching for a nut

Preview 00102b88 4708 4dd5 a7ce 29c82ac53fd7
57 points

Remodeling my Grandfather's basement and found this... he's still yelling at us from the grave.

Preview 7c30f50f 21dc 4c79 83de 07253314926d
62 points

No Ass/Face Sandwiches With Your Boys On The Tokyo Metro

Preview f875ca0a ee6d 4aaa 9487 39afb9dc05e5
56 points

Incest Ben

Preview 002a7d43 a724 4dbf 9542 e7b61842ee68
43 points

My wife’s card to me. This is what love looks like.

Preview 4d5ef20a dd0d 41ad 9c17 a177786033b1
49 points

Found this at a garage sale

Preview f1dcd0e2 0f59 49e7 9115 dcc500496532
61 points

Went to go do laundry this morning and found this gem!

Preview 1e4d4018 61b3 4c49 beba 164bd88e3388
56 points

Something terrible happened here...

Preview 08597662 20f6 4444 9481 9ad3beddad06
59 points

Pretty honest marketing

Preview 562ff328 795c 4ece b15e 85cea5e4c85e
54 points

And the Lord sayeth to Moses...

Preview 6705efa7 6b0e 44cb b7bf beb8be3fc447
51 points

Gravy denied

Preview 956a69d6 0cf8 4717 be2f 63ac744189fe

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