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Massive Bhutanese forest fire. I took this picture about 15 minutes after it started.

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Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan from an airplane

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The fire spirit

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Viewing Platform in Norway

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A wave splash from a big hole in the rock along the coast of Santa Cruz Island, CA

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The perfect strike.

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Too risky.

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We get it Pennywise, you vape

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Northwest fires perspective: Same day - Glacier National Park at 11am and 4pm

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Photographer Ulla Lohmann studying a volcano

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NASSA did it better

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A picture of the twin towers taken by the only man in space on 11 September, 2001 .

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Pull up here Billy! We'll get a good shot of the exploding cliff!

Preview dd689263 c84c 4f01 a091 fe9ec1450a35
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Mount Fuji

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Mount Bromo

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Masjestic shot of Mount Agung eruption, Bali, Indonesia

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My mum sent me this unintentionally ironic photo of an accident at her work the other day.

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Perfectly timed photo

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