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Goats climbing a brick wall

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10 points

Because screw gravity

Preview e14f06c7 7d85 4fa7 8253 be95c6b59cf7
4 points

The curling wave of a stone wall

Preview a0e1c34d 13e7 441e bd16 61c6d6df9b35
9 points

The irony

Preview 1a4e1b87 11b6 4027 8a7c a092b33dc612
18 points

No one read this

Preview 7fe5358c f223 4b87 a9ce d247a6193b54
10 points

Instructions unclear

Preview fbbbbd60 de2e 4b73 b575 8bce6a962306
15 points

So many bees in the wall, honey is coming out the outlet.

Preview cce604d9 81c2 41cd ae70 0920063e3aca
14 points

I'm an Asian in Netherlands. they told me ppl were tall here. FML

Preview decb9dcd d905 4cb0 9d77 6e93f4c44b72
19 points

There are 16 circles in this image

Preview 97e4b059 be3f 4f31 94a6 ee8cd57c886f
17 points

The symmetry is incredible. Top view of La Plata, Argentina

Preview 8715e486 9c4c 405f b837 13b63bcf8ca2
14 points

Why can't I, plato?

Preview 9c8cebb7 552c 4ed6 a376 644de5e3cd57
11 points

This is the first time I see things like this

Preview dcbc811b 8224 4d97 8c4c 75fc83f73a5f
14 points

They beat me every time

Preview fafce00e 7faa 44e6 8e3b e337a43eccac
16 points

Kitchen ceiling collapsed, and a snake fell out.

Preview 1c02f103 43b0 4757 bb12 ed238ad9c469
9 points

Illusion to level 100

Preview 5979e025 a356 4a0e 8802 242284bfa8f1
19 points

I wonder how these neighbors get along?

Preview 09124661 72bc 4cf3 b70d 31dafbdcb65b
15 points

This stable structure

Preview 63f33444 2dbc 4106 9b65 53e3a0c2e94f
7 points

Kitchen ceiling collapsed, and a snake fell out.

Preview 22805539 5e17 455c 966c 7b69d7a18c38
17 points

Putin' a street art.

Preview 12ba9216 b833 49f5 9c7b b5a040939607
17 points

La Plata, Argentina, from above

Preview 8ab06b2a 8f22 4cf9 a47a ef1e5cfba368
18 points

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