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This guy

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73 points

Owsome Look Doorway in Norway

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72 points

Poland :)

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88 points

A Real Border of Belgium and Netherlands.(the cross line).Belgium(Left)Netherlands(Right).

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182 points

Sad story...

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122 points

My gf thought that I won't be able to install a door, joke on her

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76 points

The littlest nope ever

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102 points

Guess the country

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72 points

Cracking a joke without offending anyone in 2017.

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82 points

It was fortold

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73 points

Middle-earth inspired map of the Earth

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122 points

Bath Time!

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69 points

Legend says it still has a full battery.

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155 points

Why do people do this?

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231 points

Legend says it still has full battery

Preview 14714bde 4cd9 45f7 a12e 3b4656c3ff64
210 points

Well thanks Postman

Preview 34073828 3ef2 4458 8bae 751ec975d69d
141 points

It's a legendary game

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127 points

Noone home just me... Please leave the package in front of the door. Thank you!

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133 points

Building Trump's wall going to be like....

Preview 20c4f4c8 4039 47e2 a48b bc064a8f78ce
162 points

Trump vs Aliens

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