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Cute things to call your girlfriend.

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128 points

Cricket infested

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100 points

Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

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108 points

What is this supposed to say???

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114 points

Trying to paint the street? You've got a long way to go, bro.

Preview 44e91736 8805 4a66 889f 9214c5282ad1
112 points

Those damn looters

Preview aec723e3 568f 4a22 ae9d 4ee1dd9bc6fa
92 points

29 square meter loft apartment features a staircase bookshelf and a sleeping nook above living space - located in Wroclaw, Poland.

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83 points

Funny way of animal exhibit being worked on at Zoo

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77 points

Bright sitting area beneath exposed beams and joists in this attic apartment located in Copenhagen.

Preview eed2ae63 4b23 4cb4 9f3e be10787dbb01
45 points

10 sq m Room in Ecocapsule

Preview dfa769a8 ec0c 4eaa ab10 caebc8e138e0
87 points

A polar bear broke into a hotel in Svalbard.

Preview 30ac005b 2479 4454 bd51 ece770f44c51

Jumping off the building at Mines Falls, Nashua, NH.

Preview d08a4a7d b1ce 4513 b6dc 62f59317cba3

It’s tent caterpillar season in Northern Ontario. This is an elementary school

Preview b94d1338 9f48 4bb9 b2ed e7f484f8ec1e
72 points

The storm shelter of the house my mom just moved into.

Preview 2550bc86 478d 458a 92b5 4bf7b0665d07
79 points


Preview 63bf5921 7689 48c2 85fc f5e3b1bf3176
60 points

Minimalist bathroom with natural lighting in a narrow townhouse with a facade of cantilevered planter layers, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Preview 915f74df abcb 4213 8e61 29ad8ca36c93
50 points

Canadian vandalism at its worst

Preview ac468862 4432 45ac b5e0 0433f6d2bc2a
66 points

Classic Dave

Preview 3f848e53 0e13 48e1 9a67 3e7b008d8d85
91 points

Someone was in a hurry !

Preview 20709213 190e 4412 a8cf e546cdf5952c
93 points

Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

Preview 2f88db73 54b7 4b4b 9864 25b56bca74fc
74 points

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