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Bathroom wall of my orthodontist

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137 points


Preview c7eda28f 2c51 4db0 9f0e f54f15532bc2
109 points

Living room with a fireplace surrounded with woods on a sloped lake shore, Quebec, Canada

Preview dae720a3 7616 4b37 ba99 9f29c214ed23
76 points

Because no UPS man is an island...

Preview cc07ba9a 06c4 48e0 a78e 9958ff01386a
176 points


Preview 19d19fca d692 4486 9921 be79b6083bee
144 points

Alex Honnold’s free solo up 3000 ft cliff face

Preview 93a4a6cf 5364 4f49 86d1 2bbdf4b1fd22

No truer words have been spoken

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223 points


Preview c44ebfde 26af 4bc2 a471 8ac129b3807b
60 points


Preview 7ef69623 915d 470f bbca 1b57c6900ef8
166 points

Stupid bumper sticker.

Preview 712775fc f5c7 4f2f 9d96 ad11111d1b00
166 points

Low budget

Preview 2c615c5d 8a56 4daf 8c51 156ca8a968d3
193 points

Cute things to call your girlfriend.

Preview 9ba5be79 0162 4990 98cd f4c3aa6cda53
184 points

Cricket infested

Preview f63c5b1e 9572 4fc3 a9ef e563fe1e44aa
160 points

Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

Preview f0807ab8 cb8d 4f2d aa2e 1459ecee97c3
140 points

What is this supposed to say???

Preview 53c3ad7e a21b 42aa 9316 166a927f52a3
149 points

Trying to paint the street? You've got a long way to go, bro.

Preview 44e91736 8805 4a66 889f 9214c5282ad1
143 points

Those damn looters

Preview aec723e3 568f 4a22 ae9d 4ee1dd9bc6fa
120 points

29 square meter loft apartment features a staircase bookshelf and a sleeping nook above living space - located in Wroclaw, Poland.

Preview 4fb54b43 51f3 4ea2 a821 8df893a13557
112 points

Funny way of animal exhibit being worked on at Zoo

Preview a8b677cf a387 44da 80fa 47d572877626
100 points

Bright sitting area beneath exposed beams and joists in this attic apartment located in Copenhagen.

Preview eed2ae63 4b23 4cb4 9f3e be10787dbb01
71 points

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