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On the Edge

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There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

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126 points

Where's Waldo? The final search.

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You sir...

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89 points

sorry I missed pi day

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121 points

Weird Old Pompeii wall painting

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76 points

Fight the power, Bill.

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107 points

Scrolling through Instagram... Faith in humanity restored

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Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

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110 points

I'm new in the internet. Am I doing it right?

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59 points

Bathroom at MSP Airport

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102 points

Earth is not the only "flat thing". This tennis ball is also flat

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My dog carries multiple pieces of his food to the rug to eat when he’s ready. Inevitably I end up stepping on it. It feels similar to stepping on little rocks

Preview 01e780e5 30be 4565 b738 1d01fa5b1b41

my friend was playing a pirated game and got this unexpected message lol

Preview 57c109dc e474 4c1c 9ed5 a64e59bc0b9d

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39 points

In memory of the Cassini probe, this is Earth as seen from Saturn. The tiny blue dot is us.

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104 points

How to perpetuate your ghost

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70 points

The day my father died, I stayed up all night taking pictures of the stars. RIP D.E.S 7-30-2017.

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