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How to perpetuate your ghost

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24 points

The day my father died, I stayed up all night taking pictures of the stars. RIP D.E.S 7-30-2017.

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21 points

Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

Preview 9151f799 bbaf 4115 a2b0 386411bd25f8
84 points

Firepower then vs. Now

Preview 55ab6517 805d 4bda b7d3 b5e3233ca4d2
22 points

Where does it go?

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10 points

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Preview a33e0bc0 38f7 4611 a04f 8dfd52728ed0

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

Preview f2c70060 e1df 4fe4 b309 786b25aed9b6
20 points

Not my post, but really useful for beginners.

Preview 9620d08c 6e9a 4d81 8f5b f3b6f4bf9c20
19 points

There are 16 circles in this image

Preview 97e4b059 be3f 4f31 94a6 ee8cd57c886f
22 points

The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

Preview acc18153 d462 41e7 a280 b0c22a7f0e87
15 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview fdf6d9d7 4ec0 4eeb 9d77 1cd5badfce77

Challenge Accepted. Did I miss any?

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18 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview b5a7da12 4603 432c b6f9 182905cc6389
22 points

Every chord to play on guitar

Preview 11f87a72 0bd8 41cb 98aa 6f091222c9fc
6 points

Look at all these derelict airplanes being dismantled one by one

Preview 9359c0a3 2e2c 418c b166 520e01ac72ea
7 points

Felt weird, but a good weird feeling.

Preview 118516d5 59cf 4f90 8b83 1a175895ee84
13 points

My friend in Pakistan just sent me this: State sponsored messages to people's phones to snitch on people for "blasphemy".

Preview 0a1dd0b1 4bf6 4b7b b491 9803cd51fefd
103 points

There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this Image

Preview b5b6bf9f 34f3 4076 9e63 6e1d2c3828cd
186 points


Preview 9203fa0c ccc8 44b4 9753 49bdef5b501c
87 points

Mutant windows

Preview e679b508 a978 445a 99ad 8125e62f4005
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