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This one looks badass

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127 points

Escape From ISIS Control, The Hell On Earth

148 points

10000 Chickens Vs. 20 T-Rexes Game Will Make You Fear Chickens!

365 points

The answer is obviously the high ground.

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205 points

A rare shot of a disobedient baby F18 running away from a mama F18

Preview c95c6b8c ea54 4514 a150 1705cdb6cb98
192 points


Preview 33ee7115 d316 4b3b 8e15 987c6b963145
203 points

My Cabbages

Preview 071c8954 8c09 4381 927e e2194f57b257
104 points

If there's something strange in your neighborhood...

Preview b4c63cc1 8933 4ed3 ae12 2770e7b5b074
106 points

Did you just assume my gender?

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103 points

Never forget what u are fighting for

Preview 41ed51e2 c0a7 4e8f ba83 483e683ce208
97 points

Mural painted by Wyle E Coyote?

Preview c03200b4 46b8 4726 8867 aea78c4791d4
127 points

1932 One Wheel Motorcycle

Preview 06a9ddbf 2812 4958 b799 1d04fc05c95a
158 points

Real Italians

Preview 2f967504 db6b 4b8b b99d 700db27c0210
155 points

Never forget about it "otakus"

Preview bc2e8fd1 6ab8 41d7 8798 0a8c9614f978
104 points

Holstered Attack Dogs.

Preview 6f6bf539 72d3 4b23 87e6 f923f07da705
160 points


Preview 4ab5b56e d1d3 488c 8a4e bc81d2197806
119 points

Volvo is love, Volvo is life

Preview 7ce0f48b 0ca0 4f0c 9483 b7781aace9ed
146 points

Ivan saves the day

Preview c99ca2ee ebce 4472 b772 0534bd694fe6
101 points

F**k the religion

Preview b21d7f74 4d94 427d a437 938a44366e2b
195 points

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