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This is why we vaccinate. Back in 1903 diphtheria took the lives of 5 children within 5 days

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This man going to his place

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Phhh just 43 times

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Truly amazing

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I am a true swordsman

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Russia survival vehicle

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Shots fired

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Voting like a boss..Kenya

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Check thy self

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Some say thelegend_27 was a JTF2 operator..

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Screw Terminator 2, THIS is the scene where real men cried!

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Statue of "Deafy" who was deaf, mute, and had his legs cut off at the knee by a train

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CZ Skorpion EVO 1100 rounds per minute

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Oh man

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Fighting against evil

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✓ I'm not a robot

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Fun fact of the day

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My review of dunkirk

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A Gunblade...

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This man doesn't love his kids

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