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Russian Reporter Gets Punched On The Face By A Drunk Man While Reporting Russia's Paratroopers' Day Live On Air!


Unleash The Hounds Of War!

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Goddammit Ivan

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Soldier tries berries from bush, while CO reads from the "How to Spot Camouflage" handbook

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The vegan hunter

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4 Opening day of zucchini season! Nice to see a traditionalist still using a zucchini cat.

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Donald Trump Says Billions And Billions And Billions


What the hell have you been shooting, Hans?

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5-3 3dgy 10-6 me

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Lol it's true

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House Navy

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When You Lie on your Resume but get the Job Anyway

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A man spent 36 hours building this on the beach, its been a few hours and I think he's made 5 euros?

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Name this superhero

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Where's the damn lamb sauce!?

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Seems there is a solution for everything...

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The daily warhammer 40k phone wallpaper continues. Today is the necrons

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Nolan: He has to be in all my films, after all

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When you lie on your resume but get the job anyway.

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